Libra New Moon: October 8, 2018

This week, the Sun and Moon stand together. Therefore, it is a dark sky. The light is blocked, and so we have a new moon -- in this case, in the sign of Libra. We call this a double Libra.

The new moon provides us with the time of the month to go inside, pray or meditate on what matters most. In olden times, when we lived outside, we would settle in. Unlike a full moon, when we dance and celebrate -- quite the contrary: a new moon is a time to stay inside and use the energy to reflect.

If someone were born under this sky, we would say they were a double Libra. So we consider the most important topic to all of us, and particularly to any Libra: relationships, romance and the pain of a heartbreak.

LOVE: the source of our greatest meaning, joy and purpose -- as well as our greatest pain and suffering. Nothing in this world compares to fresh love, getting married and proclaiming your deep devotion and commitment to the ‘other’ -- except the pain when relationships end, and your heart is broken. I don’t think anyone misses the sadness of a heartbreak.

I officiate weddings, so I get to see firsthand the power of love. I can tell you that the moment when he and she say publicly: I do, when the bride and groom gather their most important people in one place to speak their vows to their community, that moment carries some of the strongest spiritual energies I have ever felt. It is incomparable to any other public exchange.

Think about the day of your wedding, when you realized you were in love and began building the dream of true love. This is a moment that matters most.

Romance and weddings, falling in love and meeting your partner makes this life worth living—until the end. Ouch. How painful when relationships break and the dream shatters.

Love always starts with pleasure and too often ends with pain—and so we arrive at the topic of this new moon.

Where are you in the spectrum of love and its phases? Is your heart open? Do you still have romantic ideals? Are you willing to keep your optimism if you are single and dreaming of marriage or love? Or are you losing your hope?

Take advantage of this sky and either...

Update your relationship. Bring back the sweetness by having the conversation of gratitude, and express your love as if you had just met.

Admit to the stale, dated energy your relationship is allowing and either end it or seek counsel. Ask for help to let go and recalibrate so you can return to love.

Pray for a partner. Admit you long for true love and send out your request to the angels, your guides, and spirit. Create a dream board conceiving of what you would like. Prepare for a miracle during this dark sky.

I love love. This new moon open the door for us to address love. Wherever you are on the spectrum, never ever give up hope. Love is waiting for you.

Your job is to pray, hope and never let go of your dream that you too are built for love and will find and cultivate that energy as soon as you are ready. How about now? This new moon begs you to ask again: how is my relationship with love?

Welcome to Astrology 101: use this new moon to address your prayers for the topic at hand.

Libra equals sweet, loving dreams of romance, weddings and heartfelt beauty…how are those topics sitting in your head and heart?

Blessings, Debra

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