New Moon in Sagittarius

Here comes a new astrological configuration in the sky: a new moon in Sagittarius, or as astrologers like to call it: double Sag. On December 7, 2018, there is a dark sky with no reflection of the Sun on the Moon; a perfect time for introspection and prayer. (At the end of this blog post are some suggested prayers for you to borrow, so keep reading...)

This Sagittarius conversation is especially relevant for this website, because Sag is the rising sign of Rachel, AKA Yoga Girl. (The rising sign is based on your time of birth and determines your higher, best self.) Sag is all about yoga, philosophy and learning -- just to mention a few things.

A well-worn path that will serve you beginners as the best way to learn Astrology is to look up someone you know well. Identify what their sun sign is, study it, and then associate them with that sign. It's so much easier to learn when it's real and not just theory.

Welcome to Sag, they hate theory—they love live time, action, and doing things, not just talking. The best way to learn strategy is to study with people you know.

Sag is the sign of the optimist. This is the part in all of us that laughs for no good reason. The part of us that wants to go outside and have fun instead of getting caught in a negative tale or mood.

This is the flavor that loves to travel to new cultures. How can you be bored or sad when there is so much to do? Keeping up with this life, not feeling sad, and not getting caught in the timeless questions: Why am I here? And what should I be doing? are virtually impossible for anyone interested in yoga and spirituality.

For those of you who suffer from depression or confusion, the quickest way out of that energy is to get up, plan a trip, go on an adventure, find a new friend—anything new to change your mood.

If a baby were born during this significant time (a double Sag sky), s/he would easily know how to laugh in the face of pain. The Sun and the Moon in the same sign, as we just described…and we are told to meditate, journal or go in, and pray.

Here is my suggestion for prayers in this astrological window: Show my how to be of use to you, life. Ignite my passion so I can find my destiny and do it effortlessly. Allow me to be free enough to stand away from fear and take the risks that will set my free. Teach me about freedom and trust—I long to know how to have faith.

Use any or all of these under this dark moon and be prepared for spirit to show you answers.

Sag is fearless because they come with a natural optimism that never gives up. Can I help you regain your faith? Come get a reading. Let one of our Certified Astrologers inspire you to open up to the answer of how to live a fun, joy-filled life of love, abundance and ease.

My purpose is to remind you that life has your back. You are not a mistake and there is a destiny line waiting for you to help fulfill your purpose. It's not just a Sag hopeful thought, said the astrologer—it’s true.

You have a purpose. We have some directions. Ask the stars.

Warmly, Always looking up, Debra

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