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Understanding the Five Koshas

In yogic philosophy, the kosha (Sanskrit for "sheath") system is a model that gives you an understanding of the five different layers (or sheaths) of the self and provides a gateway of understanding your ultimate inner wisdom and truth. Each of the five koshas offers insight to understand not only the different parts of yourself, but of yoga classes too!

Whether you are a yoga teacher or student, this informative video with Coral will help you deepen your understanding of the kosha system, and discern each kosha layer so that you can lead a heart-led and authentic life both on and off the mat.

You'll begin learning about the outermost, physical layer, the annamaya kosha, then make your way inward with the layer of breath and life force, the pranamaya kosha. Continue with the next layer, which goes into the mind and knowing where you are in space, the manomaya kosha, then next, is the layer of the intuitive wisdom body and the deep inner sense of knowing, the vijnanamaya kosha. Lastly, reaching the innermost layer, you'll find the blissful heart and soul of the self where inner wholeness and oneness resides, which is the anandamaya kosha. Take the wisdom of the five koshas with you wherever you go as a reminder that no matter how dim that innermost layer may end up, there is always an opportunity to allow it to shine brightly once again.

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