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Restorative for Adrenal Support favorite_border

Restorative - 33m

Teacher: Rocky Heron

Level: All-Levels

Class type: Full Body


Join Rocky for this restorative practice intended to help activate your parasympathetic nervous system and boost your immune system. This practice is excellent is you are feeling stressed or slightly under the weather, this your go-to sequence to activate your body's natural healing response. This sequence will help to support the vital organs in the trunk of the body through gentle twisting, forward folding, and subtle backbending. You are invited to bring the awareness of the breath here, to soften, release, and practice the simple refined art of just being.

For this practice, grab a couple blocks, a bolster (or pillows), a blanket, and any other props you'd like to offer you the most support and relaxation. You can learn more about props and how to make your own at home here.