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Vinyasa Flow - 90m

Live at: 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm, June 29th 2020

Teacher: Rachel Brathen

Level: 1

Class type: Full Body


Your body is a home that you can return to any time of day. This week, cultivate an intimate relationship with what your body needs, and be sure to take some extra time for self-care, the pursuit of joy, and doing any activities that feed your mind, body and spirit.

Join Rachel for this wonderful Vinyasa flow class, where you will not only nourish the physical body, but set an intention for the week to feel and honor your body's needs. How often does the body speak but we do not listen? This week's intention is to listen to the body, and nourish yourself as much as you can. The body knows what it needs, and it is up to us to listen!

This practice begins with a gently activating supine sequence, and then moves into a fun, energizing, flowing standing sequence. Fire up the legs, glutes, breathe, and burn off any excess energy, then come back down to the mat for hip-openers, twists, and a deeply healing Savasana.

After the practice, take some time to journal on these themes:

If I listened to my body, I would…

When my body speaks to me why don’t I listen?

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