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Surrender Session: Yoga Girl® LIVE favorite_border

Meditation - 75m

Live at: 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm, August 3rd 2020

Teacher: Rachel Brathen

Level: All-Levels

Class type: Full Body


It's always a perfect time to release anything that is not serving you, and this conscious emotional release session is designed to help you do just that! Follow Rachel's lead as you journal on your emotional state, meditate, breathe, and give yourself space to have a big conscious emotional release before taking deep rest in Savasana.

The journaling prompts for this practice are:
“An emotion I need to let out is…” followed by:
“Right now I feel so (fill in the blank) about...”
(Fill in the blank with whatever emotion you are pondering; angry, sad, fearful, etc.)

Set your intentions, breathe, move and flow with the Yoga Girl® Community energetically by your side. Bring your journal, a pen, and anything you want to include in your full moon ceremony; a candle, crystals, incense, whatever you like! You may also want to be in a private space and have some pillows, a bolster, a towel, or any other items nearby that allow for safe expression of emotion.

Spotify class playlist here!

*Optional songs to play at beginning for grounding:
Beginnings (feat. East Forest) - MC YOGI, East Forest
Timeless Soul - Cornell Kinderknecht
Passage - Garth Stevenson
Grounded - Sacred Earth
Twinkling Star - Clark Ingram
Unhinged - Mike Lazarev

Surrender Session Playlist:
(Starts at 33:29, right before timer starts)
Hunger - Florence + The Machine (3:35)
Feel It Still - Portugal. The Man (2:43)
Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana (5:02)
Last Resort - Papa Roach (3:20)
You Oughta Know - Alanis Morissette (4:10)
Light Of Love - Florence + The Machine (4:01)
You Are Safe - Vanessa Forbes (6:36)
Sugarcane - Ana Olgica (2:25)
A Moment to Carry You Forever - Dean Evenson (8:06)
The Healing - Essie Jain (8:40)
Faith’s Hymn - Beautiful Chorus (6:20)
The Southern Sea - Garth Stevenson (8:59)

Due to copyright restrictions, music can not be played after the LIVE session occurs. You can use the suggested playlist above, or create your own following a "flow" with your own music that are about the same length as those above. Start with 2 songs for invigoration/dance to move the body, followed by 3 songs for releasing anger, 3 songs for expressing sadness, and 3-4 calming/peaceful songs to re-ground and finish.