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You Are Part of the Whole - Full Moon Flow: Yoga Girl® LIVE favorite_border

Gentle - 90m

Live at: 2:00 pm - 4:30 pm, July 6th 2020

Teacher: Rachel Brathen

Level: All-Levels

Class type: Full Body


Join Rachel for a Full Moon flow and ceremony. In this class, you will journal, set intentions, move, and breathe through the powerful energy of the full moon!

You will join Rachel in journaling your intentions for the full moon and flowing through a gorgeous cycle of moon salutes and hip openers.

In this class you will journal on:

Right now I am most grateful for...

The balance between my self care and care for others looks like...

To bring more balance into my life I will...

To make this happen I need to let go of...

Bring anything you would like to support you in this practice; crystals, incense, essential oils, candles, pillows, blankets, a bowl of salt water, and anything else you feel called to.
Music starts from the beginning of the video.
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