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Don't Worry So Much favorite_border

Vinyasa Flow - 60m

Teacher: Jen Pastiloff

Level: 1

Class type: Full Body


This 60-minute class with Jen will help you swap worry for intention and positive self-talk, both in the yoga class and in life. Practice opens with a beautiful, thoughtful quote, and you will begin to stretch and move slowly with the intention of bringing peace into your body. Allow your worries to fade as the breath becomes the focus. Move into invigorating and intentional sun salutations with mindful reminders from Jen throughout that will help you keep the worries at bay and the positive mantras flowing. Mid-class begin to work through a variety of balancing sequences that will fire up both your legs and your smile! Enjoy core work, hip openers, and restorative backbends in this all-levels class. Slow down, recharge, and be present – you deserve it!