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Vinyasa Flow - 42m

Teacher: Dianne Bondy

Level: 1

Class type: Legs


This Vinyasa flow class is a sweet, mindful practice designed to flow through Asanas without disturbing any active healing your body may be undergoing, so it is a perfect practice for those rehabilitating shoulder or wrist injuries. Start with a full-body scan, listening to areas of tension or tightness, and consciously choose to bring awareness to those parts using the breath. Dianne then leads you through modified, Chaturanga-free Vinyasas that cultivate strength and balance without added stress on the shoulders or wrists, while giving further options to modify so that you can make this practice comfortable for your unique physical body. Learn to listen to your body, observe sensations that arise, when to take a break, and honor the divinity of your body. Leave feeling open, grounded, clear, connected and joyful.