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Burn Through Impurities favorite_border

Vinyasa Flow - 63m

Teacher: Bee Bosnak

Level: 1+

Class type: Full Body


Welcome to ‘Burn Through Impurities’, learning the lessons from Shiva. Shiva is known as the destroyer, and sometimes destruction is necessary in order to make space for what will truly serve you. Shiva is connected to the third eye and this practice will help you intuitively cultivate space to reach a natural state of bliss. Begin this practice in a seated posture, working with the mantra of Shiva to help activate the third eye, the center of intuition, the sixth chakra, calling in the energy of Shiva and setting an intention from the heart. You will then move through a gentle full body flow that will challenge you to move more mindfully than ever before, opening the hips, hamstrings, spine, and shoulders, creating a purification in the body. Reach for your Shiva Natarajasana, Dancer’s Pose, use your drishti to keep you focused and burn through impurities. The invitation offered throughout is to ask yourself where you need to create more space and how you can integrate your movements and intentions with the messages received from within.