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After Work Flow favorite_border

Gentle - 31m

Teacher: Rachel Brathen

Level: 1

Class type: Hips


Wind down from work and the office environment, use this practice to transition into a restful and relaxing evening. Starting with deep, freeing exhales, you'll begin to let go of the day and any stress it may have brought with it. Tap into the physical experience of the body, moving through a nurturing flow, observing any buzzing energy or sensations resonating from a busy day. Flow through standing forward folds, gentle hip openers and twists while connecting to and releasing through the breath. Finish with a restorative ‘legs up the wall’ pose, find gratitude for all of the hard work that you do throughout the day and the ability to transition into a restful state. As you flow with ease, you'll create space in your mind and body for peaceful, calming energy, coming to rest in tranquility.