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Yoga Girl Daily - February 19th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Meditation, Wellbeing Wednesday

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About this Episode

Today’s meditation practice will bring your awareness to the intricacies of your inhales and exhales.

Putting your attention on the subtle shifts that happen as your breath rises and falls, you will be taken on a journey to the present moment. Breathing is something we do every moment of the day; it may seem simple, but it is actually so complex.

Our breath has the power to bring us back home. Tune in to arrive.


[00:32] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily, happy Wednesday and welcome to our Wellbeing Wednesday meditation practice of this week. Let's not waste any time, but just right away, make sure you have a comfortable space to sit down and ground. Let's take a moment just to intuitively feel into the body, if there's a certain type of posture you'd like to keep for this meditation practice. Some days it's really beneficial to do what we can to keep a very long spine sitting downs and you're grounding the sit bones to the earth and letting the crown of the head rise to the sky. So giving yourself a little extra space. But other days we want to almost melt into the chair of where we are, where we can kind of get rid of this idea that we have to be in a certain way to be able to make our way to this present moment. And actually you can make your way back home from anywhere, in any shape. So making that choice for yourself, whatever posture you would like to keep. And then right away as you close the eyes, let's start to fully embrace the breath.

[01:52] And see if you can get so absolutely present with the breath that you can break your inhales and exhales down into tiny little pieces. Becoming intricately present with each step of the way. So noticing first as you inhale, where is this breath coming from? Where does your inhale begin? What do you notice within the body as subtle changes or little shifts as you really immerse yourself in the presence of that breath in. Where is that breath coming from? And as you're breathing in through the nose, notice if there's a balance with that inhale, from the left and the right side, or if one of your nostrils maybe is a little bit constricted. Without judging, just notice. And then try to follow that flow of air all the way down. So noticing the breath, moving through the nose, down past the back of your throat, making a little more space around your heart, your chest, your collarbones, feeling the rib cage expand and eventually pulling that breath in all the way down to the bottom of the belly where you feel the belly rise.

[03:10] So getting so present with that breath. There's a moment right there at the top of the inhale where the breath turns and it becomes a breath out. And then get equally present with your exhale as it begins. Where is this exhale coming from? What's the initiating action that brings about this breath out? What happens in the body? What are those subtle changes and shifts that you can feel here, now. So you might notice that there is a gentle contraction of the low belly to help you press the breath back out through the body and then following with your awareness that breath out. So from the low belly, follow the breath back through the ribs. You might notice that gentle contraction of the rib cage. Continue to follow the breath past the heart, the chest, the collarbones. Past the back of the throat, and then out through the nostrils. Feeling that breath out, merging with your surroundings once again.

[04:21] So it's simply a breath in and a breath out. And it's also very complex, very intricate, very detailed. So much goes into your ability to sit here and breathe. So bring all of your awareness to the breath in this moment. Noticing the inhale as it moves through the body and noticing the exhale as it moves once again. And then continuing that cycle, breath in, breath out. Breath in and breath out. Knowing there is nothing else that needs to be done in this moment. No place else you have to be but right here. Present with your breath, present with your body, fully present in this moment. Let's take one more very connected cycle of breath. So following that inhale, noticing the turn of the breath, and following the exhale once again, and at the bottom of that next exhale, you can go ahead and blink your eyes open. Take a moment just to notice what it feels like to simply be present here. Now feel free to continue this practice for another few minutes. Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.

[End of Episode]