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Yoga Girl Daily - September 4th 2019

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Self-Love, Meditation, Wellbeing Wednesday

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About the Episode

Take this time to feel into your body, ground and meditate.

Show up as you are, here and now, with everything life has brought you today. Notice that when you slow down, your breath follows. When your mind shifts to your inhales and exhales, you automatically make space within.

Let’s drop into that place of silence and tune into the knowing that you are enough, just the way you are.


[00:03] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily and happy Wednesday, everyone! I am so happy to be sitting here right now, excited for this Wednesday. Wednesday, as you know, on Yoga Girl Daily is Wellbeing Wednesday, which means that we get a chance to sit down to ground, to feel into our bodies. Tune in to the moment, here, now and meditate. Meditation is such a wonderful practice to have. And so this, we're now on week three of this daily show, perhaps you've already felt the effects of what just five minutes of sitting down in silence can actually have on your health, especially if you do it first thing in the morning. It really sets the tone for the day. But it's one of those things, you can come back to it anytime whenever you need it. Meditation has changed my life and I am so sure it can be a wonderful addition to yours as well. So let's begin. How about we find a really comfortable place to sit? So if you're sitting on the couch or on a chair, you can just lean back, make yourself comfortable. If you're on the floor on a yoga mat or something like that, you can try propping yourself up a little bit with a pillow or a folded up blanket, something just to elevate the hips a little bit. Any space you can comfortably relax in and close your eyes, it's going to work wonderfully.

[01:19] And then for this practice right now, so as you close your eyes, let's go ahead and open this practice by not changing anything at all. So without thinking that you all of a sudden have to drop into a different mental state or like you have to feel totally at peace or silence or anything like that, just noticing what's present here, now. What does it feel like to be right where you are? What does it feel like to have arrived here? So perhaps arriving to this moment in your day, wherever you're at, but also what it feels like to have arrived to this moment in your life.

[02:06] Everything you've ever been through in your life, every decision you've ever made, every curve ball thrown your way by the universe, all of it. It's led you right to this place. What does it feel like to have arrived here? Noticing what the breath is like without changing the breath, so just following the flow of that very natural, organic breath in and breath out. See if you can notice where the breath is moving in the body and what the breath is shifting and making space for in the body. But again, without having to deepen or change or manipulate the breath at all. Just letting the breath be what the breath is. And the beautiful thing about this kind of awareness, just noticing we are all right now noticing what the breath already is like. The first thing that starts to happen is that automatically the breath is going to start to slow down. The body wants to take deep breaths. Your body is craving moments of calm, craving moments of silence, of space, of peace. And the moment you give your body the chance to slow down and take a deep breath, it will. So just finding that awareness toward the breath. We'll allow the breath to slow down all on its own without any effort on your part.

[03:40] So perhaps right now you can just notice that lengthening of the space of the breath, moving in and out. And feeling the beauty of being so very present in your body at this moment, knowing that right here, exactly in this space that you are right here, right now, this moment - there's nothing you have to change about who you are. There's nothing you have to fix. There’s nothing you have to improve. There's nothing you have to do. But stay right here, right now, in this moment as you are. You are already enough. You are so enough.

[04:33] Everything you are is already enough. There's nothing you have to change. Nothing that needs fixing, nothing that you have to add something onto, but just right in this moment, all is well. Let's take a really deep breath. Just feeling into that space. Opening the mouth, let it go. And if you feel really good staying in the space exactly as you are, feel free to just remain right here with your eyes closed. Feeling into this moment a little bit longer. Thank you so much for meditating with me today. I’m so blessed and grateful to have you here, and thanks for tuning in to Yoga Girl Daily. I'll see you tomorrow.

[End of Episode]