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Yoga Girl Daily - February 27th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Friendship, Love, Family, Gratitude, Thankful Thursday

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About the Episode

Having a gratitude practice is life changing.

Once you are able to consistently embody the feeling of gratitude, you realize how big of an impact it plays on your day-to-day moods and emotions. But as with all practices, once it becomes routine it’s easy to lose the heart-centered connection you felt at the beginning.

Sometimes we need to dive a little deeper to revive our passion and zest - and that is exactly what today’s practice is about!

Tune in to connect to someone you’ve be taking for granted lately. You may just remember the real reason you are so grateful to have them in your life in the first place.


[00:45] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily and happy Thursday! Welcome to Thankful Thursday and our gratitude practice for this week. I want to take a moment for us to really feel the embodiment of gratitude. I think especially when you get into this practice, kind of the way you do a yoga practice or a meditation practice, we start practicing something that maybe is new for us. We start applying it to our day to day lives and then always in the beginning we have one of those huge eye-opening moments of, man, this practice actually works. This is helping me change or improve my life somehow, and then inevitably of course, as it becomes a routine, any kind of practice that we have, it's easy to lose that heart centered, embodied connection to the practice. Just like yoga, when you've practiced for a while, sometimes you can just roll out your mat, you go through the motions, you're doing the poses, and then halfway through you go, wait a minute, you know, hello.

[01:41] We need that little moment of, of motivation, of connection. We need a good teacher to help bring us to the present moment. We need to continue to really revive that passion and zest for the practice all the time so we don't end up in a rut. Same goes for our gratitude practice, especially if you have the same or a similar gratitude practice every day where maybe every morning you journal on your gratitude or every evening you use a little note to pop into your gratitude jar. Taking a moment to really change our gratitude practice up or to maybe go a level deeper is really important.

[02:24] So for today's practice, I want to focus on something or someone that you know you're grateful for that kind of ends up on that list all the time. You probably know what I'm talking about. For me, it's really hard for me to ever write a gratitude list or to practice gratitude and not have my daughter be on the top of the list. You know, I love her so much. She brings so much joy to my life every day, so she's always on that list. What's a person or an experience or something you have in your life that's always on that list? Maybe it's a loved one, someone in your family, maybe it's your dog, your cat, your pet, perhaps an experience, your house, something that's just always, yes, you're always grateful for this thing or the presence that this person has in your life.

[03:08] Picking whichever person or whichever thing really stands out as something that's always part of your gratitude practice. And let's take a moment to look at that a little bit deeper. So especially if it's a person, like for me it's my daughter and it's almost like I'm her mom. You know, how could I ever do a gratitude practice and not put my daughter on the list? So taking a moment to really move a little bit deeper into this person, this relationship, or this thing or this experience that you're always grateful for. Let's open the door a little bit and go to the depths of what is it about this person or this thing that actually makes you so grateful every day? And ideally, if we're really present with that gratitude, it should change a little bit every day because our relationships change. Our moods change – every day is a different day.

[04:03] So what is it truly, when you get to the heart of it, that makes you put this person or this thing on your gratitude list every day, how are you grateful for this person every day of your life? What is their quality of being that makes you or inspires such gratefulness inside of you? So, for me, when I do this practice and I just, instead of just, yeah, I'm grateful for my daughter every day, if I really let myself be totally present with the magnificence of her being, it's like I tear up immediately. Immediately I feel this massive wave of just warmth inside of my chest. First of all, I love her infinitely. I mean, it's immense. The love I feel for my, for my child, but most of all, at least right now, what really inspires the most gratitude in me is her happiness. The joy that she inspires in my life every day.

[05:00] This is a child who wakes up in the morning singing. She's constantly smiling, laughing, playing games. She brings up my inner child and really gives me space to play every day. It's the time I spend with her. I can just be, I don't have to think or do, but I can really let my inner child come out to play and we have so much fun. So right now the gratitude I feel for her, it's not just this overarching kind of general gratitude because I love her. But specifically this day, these weeks, right now, I feel so grateful for the joy that she brings out in me. I feel so happy being around her every day and that makes me grateful. So now it's your turn. Drop into that practice of really getting to the heart of this person or this thing or this experience that maybe you start to take for granted a little bit after a while. We're grateful every day, but what is about them that really makes you say, Oh, thank you. You can take a moment just to contemplate that, meditate on that, journal on that if you want. Journaling can really help us get to the depth of any topic in our lives. Thank you for listening. As always, I'm grateful that you're here. Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.

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