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Yoga Girl Daily - November 5th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Gratitude, Self-Love

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About the Episode

Everywhere you have ever been, your feet have brought you there.

Your feet are your connection to the earth; they are your link to this world.

In today’s practice, you will explore your relationship with your feet and tap into gratitude for all they do for you.

Tune in to begin.


[01:02] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily! Happy, happy Thursday. I hope you've had a wonderful day so far, that you're ready to dive into a little bit of gratitude. I have a gratitude practice in mind for us today that came to me totally organically in my practice. I was sitting on my yoga mat, just at the end of my yoga practice, and I found myself just holding the soles of my feet. And as I did that, I felt this overwhelming gratitude for my left and my right foot. And it occurred to me, man, today's the day I’m recording the gratitude practice for this week. So, I think we all probably have a need of some grounding, which is what our feet provide for us every day. And having a gratitude practice centered around this part of our body, around our feet, I think is a lovely, lovely practice for right now.

[02:04] So, if you have the ability right now, as you are to just pull your feet up into your lap or come sitting on the floor or on your yoga mat, just in any shape so you can actually physically connect to your feet with your hands, then go ahead and do that right now. So, once you're holding your feet, we're going to go ahead and close the eyes and just take a moment right now, we'll take a deep breath in through the nose and out through the mouth. So, your feet… What is the relationship you have to your feet? I know many of us around the world, we have a bit of a complicated relationship to our feet. We might have been told when we were young or when we were little, that feet are not a beautiful part of the body. I know a lot of people have this idea that our feet are ugly or that they're weird.

[02:59] Maybe that feet are supposed to look a certain way and our feet look different than other people's feet. So, just notice right now to yourself, what is your relationship with this part of the body? Is it complicated or is it loving and filled with ease? And start to make a physical connection to the soles of your feet right now. So, just using your hands and your fingers to give yourself a little bit of self-massage, to bring some blood flow, some heat, warmth, and some energy into this part of your body. And as you do that, contemplate everything your feet do for you every single day. I mean, just really, really acknowledge what this body part does for you, not just every day, but every moment of every day. These feet are literally your connection to mother earth. This is how you root and connect to Pacha Mama every single day.

[03:59] It's your connection. Your link with this world, with the soil, with the earth happens through the soles of your feet. Your feet are filled with nerve endings, just like your hands. They have this magical ability to connect in different ways and to pick up energy throughout everything they touch. Your feet walk you different places. They've taken you, maybe all around the world. Your feet carry your whole entire body every day. Take a moment to just acknowledge what kind of movement happened for you and your body through the soles of the feet, you know, from standing in attention and Tadasana at the top of your yoga mat to running, jumping, dancing, walking. All the different forms of movement, there really would be totally different or maybe not possible at all if you didn't have these feet. And noticing right now, just if there is any resistance or any challenging relationship that you might have to what your feet look like and knowing that your feet had to look exactly the way they have throughout your life, they have to be exactly what they are right now for you to have the experience that you're meant to have.

[05:18] So, if your feet are calloused, like mine, probably means you've spent a lot of time walking barefoot, or maybe means that your feet they're pretty resilient. Maybe you've walked down some really challenging roads and your feet reflect that. How beautiful? Your toes might be different lengths. Maybe you have some hair on your toes or on your feet just like I do. Just take a moment right now, as you connect through the hands, connecting to your feet, loving on all the things that make your feet unique to you, all the things that make your feet different. And if you're connecting to one foot, you can switch and begin connecting to the other one, just taking a moment to really dig in through the fingertips and to feel that sensation that's taking place around the feet, the toes, the heels, right in this moment. If you get really present with this part of your body right now, anytime we connect to the feet is a wonderful moment to ground. So, if we’re ever feeling a little bit spaced out or anxious, or like we have our head in the clouds, just coming back to our feet is a great way to ground back into the body and to ground back to this earth. So, take this final moment right now, just to connect the palms of your hands to the soles of your feet, just making that hand to foot connection and then let your next breath in be brought all the way from the nose down into the soles of your feet, holding the breath there, and then open the mouth and let it out.

[07:11] Giving your feet some gratitude. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, left foot. Thank you, right foot. Thank you all 10 of my toes. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. What would I do without you? Feel free to linger in this place of gratitude for this most interesting, most weirdly wonderfully connected part of your body a little while longer if you like. Thank you so much for practicing gratitude with me, love on your feet all throughout the rest of the day. Yoga Girl Daily, will be back tomorrow.

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