What Limiting Belief is Holding You Back? favorite_border

Yoga Girl Daily - February 4th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Self-Love, Tune-In Tuesday, Healing

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About the Episode

Are you struggling with a limiting belief?

That story you keep telling yourself may no longer be true - and it could be holding you back.

Tune in today as Rachel explains exactly what a limiting belief is, where it may have come from, and most importantly - how to release it.

What would your life be like if you could let go of your fears? A more spacious and freeing existence may be right around the corner.


[00:44] Happy Tuesday and welcome back to Yoga Girl Daily! I am so excited that it's Tuesday today because it means we get to inquire on a specific topic. You guys know already, self-inquiry and self-contemplation, it’s one of those practices that I feel actually has helped my personal development the most and it's something that we should continue to do, and a practice that's great to have in our day to day lives. Today I have a specific topic in mind. If you listen to the Yoga Girl Podcast, you know that this is something we've been talking about and that is the topic of limiting beliefs. Now, a limiting belief is a belief that you have about yourself or a belief or an idea that you have about the world that holds you back. And maybe it's even a belief that isn't actually true anymore.

[01:39] A limiting belief usually solidified inside of ourselves, sometimes during our childhood or after a particularly challenging time in our lives, and it can be something that's so ingrained in our system that we actually don't even know that it's there, but these beliefs can dictate and run our entire lives. Let me give you an example. A limiting belief that I've had for as long as I can remember is the idea and the belief that if I don't do it, everything will fall apart. If I don't lead the way, nothing is going to work. The feeling and the belief that really it's all on me. If I don't do it, it won't get done. Now, this idea comes from my childhood, from actually having a lot of hard moments when I was little, where I had to take charge and I had to lead the way, especially in my family, but the truth of that scenario isn't actually real anymore.

[02:34] It was true then, but it's not true right now and this idea that I am the only one who can do it, it's all on me. If I don't do it, everything falls apart. All it actually does for me right now is that it makes me very controlling in my relationships. It makes it very hard for me to delegate, to trust in other people, to drop everything for a moment and just make a little space around what has get done in a day. So if I stay very anchored in that belief that I'm the only one who can do it, of course I'm going to work so hard that eventually I won't have anything left to give. And the moment I was able to bring a little presence into that belief, a little awareness around that, Hey, I live my life as if it's all up to me as if no one else is out there who could actually give me some support or help me when, as a matter of fact, that's not at all true.

[03:27] I am surrounded by amazing people who are just waiting to give me support, waiting to help and support me every single day. I am just the one who isn't letting them in because of this idea I have that I have to do everything on my own. So the moment I'm present with that limiting belief, I can actually choose to change how I act. I can choose to put that belief down and live my life in a different way. So how about you? Let's take a moment just to connect to a limiting belief that you know you have about yourself or the world. You can close your eyes for a second and place your hands to your heart center. Let's take a deep breath into the center of the heart. Open the mouth and let go.

[04:16] So what is a limiting belief that you have anchored into in your life? A belief you have about yourself, about the world, about your relationships, that isn't serving you any longer, that's just limiting your worldview or holding you back. Notice which belief immediately came to your awareness right now, that's probably one that's a big one. And maybe the timing is good to work on that a little bit right now. So first inquiring into what is this belief and where did it come from? It's important that we can make the connection to the fact that this belief probably at some point served us well, but that our life situation and our reality right now compared to then is completely different. Perhaps this belief is something you actually don't have to hold on to anymore. And especially with the realization that this belief actually holds you back. What would your life be like if you put this belief down or if you challenged this belief with something else? Take a moment just to imagine that for a second, and let's take another deep full breath. Exhale through the mouth.

[05:35] And as you blink your eyes open. Let's take a moment right now to continue inquiring into this belief that you're present with right now. Journaling is such a wonderful way to do that. You can do this on your notes app on your phone, or open your journal, grab a pen and just journal a little bit around this limiting belief, where it came from and what life would be like if you simply put it down. Perhaps there are endless possibilities out there. Maybe a different, easier, more spacious, even more beautiful life is right around the corner. Thank you so much for practicing with me today. Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.

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