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Yoga Girl Daily - February 14th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Growth, Feel-Good Friday

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About the Episode

Today’s Feel-Good Friday practice may seem tedious or hard to do in the moment, but it will clear space in your mind, heart, and on your to-do list. What is that one thing you have been putting off for so long? It is taking up more energy in your brain than it is worth!

Today, you are going to get it done. You’re already thinking about it - now is the time to tune in and do it. You’ll be left with a wonderful feeling of accomplishment to carry you through the weekend.


[00:31] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily, happy Friday and welcome to our Feel-Good Friday practice of this week! Every Friday I share a self-care practice, sometimes a poem or a quote or something that puts us in a really beautiful vibration to just get us ready for the weekend. Today I actually want us to do something that is going to be kind of tedious and not fun. Isn't that funny? Today's self-care practice is going to be really boring. No, it's going to be something that's going to be kind of hard to do in the moment, but it's going to clear out space in your mind, in your heart, on your to-do list and it's going to really just get you ready to enjoy the weekend as it is.

[01:23] For today's Feel-Good practice, I want you to tick that hard thing you've been putting off for a long time off of your to-do list. I want you to get that one thing done that you really don't want to do but that you know you should have done. It's that kind of obstacle that you've been putting off for a long time. I want you to get that one thing done. You know what I'm talking about. We all have like that tedious thing that we just keep putting off day after day of like, Ah, that's a problem for future me. Today is the day when you get that thing checked off your list. It could be that difficult email that you've been waiting, waiting, waiting to write, that you've been just putting off cause you don't want to do it. It's uncomfortable. You don't want the confrontation, but it's something that has to get done.

[02:07] Today is the day you send that thing out. It could be that boundary, you know you have to draw in a specific relationship. That hard conversation that you have to have. Maybe it's something around your house. For me, the thing I know I should be doing, but I just don't do it and then it kind of lingers and looms as this thing that hangs over me all the time. Usually it's something around my house, like folding all the laundry. I hate folding all the laundry. I don't want to fold all the laundry and then it just sits there in a huge pile and every time I walk past it, it just kills me a little bit. It's not that hard to fold the laundry, like put on a fun show on Netflix, 20 minutes and you're done. Right? It actually takes up more energy in my brain when I don't do it.

[02:48] Then just taking it off my list and getting it done. What is that one thing that you know you've been procrastinating and it's going to feel so great to get that thing completed? Today's the day when you do that thing, maybe you have to clear out your garage or clean something up in your house or go outside and like do the thing you haven't done. I especially right around this time of year, maybe it's tax related, like filing your taxes, going to the DMV, getting that errand off your to-do list. That one tedious thing, trust me when I say you are going to enjoy your weekends so much more getting this thing checked off of your list. The longer you wait, the more tedious it's going to feel. The faster you get it done, you're going to realize actually it wasn't that awful. It wasn't that hard and now you've freed up all of this space and time and energy to just do fun things this weekend.

[03:42] There is something so wonderful about completing tasks that we don't enjoy doing. And I think honestly, if life was just filled with things that are butterflies and rainbows and everything is easy and wonderful, we don't actually ever get that feeling of, Oh, like I did, the thing I didn't want to do with it comes along with this great feeling of completion, of overcoming, of clearing something out, getting organized, getting on top and in control of our lives. So today, make sure you do that thing. You're already thinking about exactly what your thing is. Today's the day. Don't put it off any longer. You deserve to have that kind of space and freedom in your mind. So you can actually do only fun things this weekend that you really, truly enjoy. I am ready to go dig into this huge pile of laundry I have downstairs and I know I will enjoy this weekend a little bit more thanks to it. Thank you for doing this not super fun practice that will make you feel super great today. Have a really good weekend and Yoga Girl Daily will be back on Monday.

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