What is Missing in Your Life?

Yoga Girl Daily - February 11th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Self-Love, Growth, Tune-In Tuesday

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About the Episode

In each of our lives at some level, we are missing something. Maybe it’s material, or a special relationship, or something internal such as a sense of peace.

Whatever it may be, it could be playing a greater impact on your life than you realize. If you aren’t present with that feeling of lack, you may be leading your life with its energy and overcompensating in certain ways.

Today’s episode will allow you to tune into the piece that is missing in your heart. After we acknowledge it and sit with it, we can learn how to meet our own needs. Tune in to find out how - you may already have the answer.

Interactive Exercise

Today, grab a journal and pen and respond to the following prompt: "Right now I lack...". Use this as an opportunity to be completely present with what is missing in your life.