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Yoga Girl Daily - February 11th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Self-Love, Growth, Tune-In Tuesday

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About the Episode

In each of our lives at some level, we are missing something. Maybe it’s material, or a special relationship, or something internal such as a sense of peace.

Whatever it may be, it could be playing a greater impact on your life than you realize. If you aren’t present with that feeling of lack, you may be leading your life with its energy and overcompensating in certain ways.

Today’s episode will allow you to tune into the piece that is missing in your heart. After we acknowledge it and sit with it, we can learn how to meet our own needs. Tune in to find out how - you may already have the answer.

Interactive Exercise

Today, grab a journal and pen and respond to the following prompt: "Right now I lack...". Use this as an opportunity to be completely present with what is missing in your life.


[01:01] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily and happy Tuesday! It's time for our Tune-In Tuesday episode of this week. So, a self-reflection for us to anchor into, focus on, to maybe get to know ourselves a little bit better. Today I want to focus on something that tends to have a much greater impact on our lives than we are actually aware of and that is the feeling of lack, the feeling of lacking something. We all have at least one, if not many, areas of our lives where we feel like something is missing. Like there's a gap to be filled. Like there's something we don't have enough of and when we're not present around exactly how we are experiencing this lack, the tendency for us is to overcompensate in certain areas of our lives or we might even find this feeling or energy of lacking present all around. So let's take a moment just to center into the body so we can feel into this topic a little bit deeper. And you can close your eyes, if you'd like to place your hands to your heart, go right ahead, just so we can make that mind, body, heart connection. And let's take a full breath in through the nose and through the nose gently let it out.

[02:29] Where is an area of your life where you feel like you are lacking right now? Or an even simpler question: what is missing in your life? If you were to almost do a little scan over your life situation right now, what do you feel is actually missing in your life?

[02:52] And see if you can answer that not so much from the level of your mind, from the level of thinking about it, but dropping into the body, feeling into the heart and experiencing that answer present there. What's missing? Sometimes the answer to that is something material, something we can almost grasp. It could be a specific relationship. Maybe a loving romantic relationship is missing from your life and you're longing for that. It could be something material. Perhaps you feel like you're missing a safe space to rest your head at the end of the day. Perhaps you're missing something in terms of work, something that you do in your day to day life. And sometimes that feeling of lack or what we're missing is not so much something in the outside world, but it's something absolutely internal. Perhaps what's lacking in your life is a sense of peace or you're lacking friendships or you're missing a sense of trust in life.

[03:52] Like that feeling of being absolutely safe and held. What's missing? What do you need? And feeling into your heart right now to experience the truth of that in a way that's absolutely real for you. For me, when I feel into my heart, just experience what's missing in my life right now, immediately my awareness goes to my body and to my health. I've had a lot of health challenges over the past year and a half and right now not feeling 100% great in my body, it's like I feel this big sense of something missing for me to feel energized, for me to wake up in the morning and feel great. I really, really miss that. So I think for me what's missing really is that energy, that zest that comes along with feeling good in your body, and what about you? What's missing, what's lacking? Getting to the root of that, and then whatever emotion comes along with it, see if you can allow for that emotion to stay the way it is.

[05:01] So the first step to being able to meet one of our needs or perhaps apply any type of change we want to make in our lives, to have one of our needs met, the first thing we have to do is first acknowledge that we have a lack and then fully process and sit with the emotion that comes along with that. The second question of course, becomes how can you meet your own need right now? So if what you're missing is something external, if you're missing a specific type of relationship, what is that underlying feeling that comes along with that relationship that you really long for right now? And how can you in some shape or form, give that experience to yourself today? Perhaps it's more about nurturing yourself or nourishing yourself or surrounding yourself with people who love you, not isolating yourself, making some sort of change for you to be able to receive love that perhaps already is present in your life. See if there's any actionable change that comes along with that acknowledgement of what's missing in our lives, and sometimes we don't want to make any change at all. It's just noticing, Oh, this is true for me. This is the lack that I'm feeling in my day to day, okay. let's take another full breath. Just breathing in to this experience, this practice.

[06:27] And this time, open your mouth and fully let it out. And you can blink your eyes open. If you'd like to journal a little bit more around this, this is a great topic to deepen, of course, and you can start that sentence: In my life I am missing… and then fill in the blank, or: Right now I lack… and then fill in the blank and see what comes your way. Trusting that you already have all the answers. Thank you so much for doing this practice with me today. Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.

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