What Emotion is the Hardest For You to Express? favorite_border

Yoga Girl Daily - August 27th 2019

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Healing, Tune-In Tuesday

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About the Episode

Let’s talk about our feelings!

What emotion is the hardest for you to express? What experiences in your life have impacted you enough to make you shy away from expressing your sadness? Your anger? Your joy?

Tune in to really dive deep into this. Feel it in your heart.

Then, find someone you trust, share your epiphanies and find a way to fully express your feelings.


[00:39] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily and happy Tuesday, every one! Tune-In Tuesday, as you know, is a day for all of us to move inward to self-reflect and work toward personal growth every single Tuesday. I give you a topic to inquire within yourself and then hopefully you'll be able to find some moment in your day to share that epiphany or that realization with someone today for Tune-In Tuesday. I have something really, really special in mind. Let's talk about our feelings. It's my favorite thing. It really is. If you listen to the regular Yoga Girl Podcast, you know that that's something we touch on a lot and our topic for today is: “What emotion is the hardest one for me to express?” “What emotion is the hardest for me to express?” Take a moment just to tune-in and see just what that question is moving or kind of resonating inside of the body. You can close your eyes if you want and place your hands to your heart. You have a little bit more of a connection there to your heart center and to your body. What emotion is the hardest for you to express? Take a full deep breath in…

[01:52] And let it go. Ahhhhh.

[01:55] Perhaps you know the answer to this question already. Maybe it's crystal clear. You know which emotion is hard for you to express. Perhaps it's something that tends to trip you up in your regular life. You know, you struggle with expressing a specific type of emotion, but maybe you need to inquire just a little bit further, so let's go ahead and do that right now. The thing about expressing our feelings and feeling our feelings is that we all have different patterns when it comes to our ability to actually express our emotions, which of course relates to our childhood and the way we grew up. How was your emotional environment when you grew up? What was it like in your family? Perhaps you grew up in an environment where it was totally allowed to feel your feelings, where your emotions were nurtured, where you felt really safe to express whatever was moving inside of you, or maybe that wasn't at all the case. For so many of us, that wasn't at all the case.

[02:55] Perhaps in your family where you grew up, vulnerability was seen as a weakness and maybe no one expressed their feelings out loud ever. Perhaps you grew up in a family where it was okay to feel some emotion, but others were not. So maybe it was okay to cry, but if you felt angry, people made you feel ashamed, like it wasn't okay to ever be angry, or maybe you grew up in an environment that had too much emotion. You felt like everything was too emotional all the time. Maybe you felt like you had to hold other people's emotions. So much of what we moved through as kids, and of course our emotional environment is so important, but it absolutely shapes us as adults. We can't miss or skip over this link and absolutely shapes us as adults. Yeah.

[03:55] So sitting with this right now, just regardless of which side of the spectrum you are, how has your childhood, when it comes to expressing your emotions shaped you as an adult? When you feel sad, is it okay for you to cry? Do you give yourself that space to be sad or do you tend to internalize everything and hold it inside? Or what about another emotion like anger? When you feel angry, do you feel like you can express that easily or do you hold it in and then does it seep out of you kind of uncontrollably? Or what about another emotion like joy? What about joy, excitement, gratitude? Can you express all of that or do you hold yourself back a little bit so that you're not too happy or too much? Taking a really deep breath just within yourself in your own body right now, sitting with this inquire within yourself. Tune-in to what emotion is the hardest for you to express and what do you feel moving inside of you right now? Is there sadness there? Maybe some frustration, maybe fear, maybe anger, anxiety. Maybe there's joy, there's excitement, there's something else. Just feel into that. Let yourself dwell right there for a little bit.

[05:18] Well, let's take another breath. Feeling whatever feeling is present inside of your heart…

[05:28] And now go ahead and open your eyes. As soon as you get the chance today, give yourself the space to feel and express what's moving inside of your heart. Whatever is there. Let it out. Let it out. Let it out. Let it out. Trust me, it will be the most beautiful thing you do all day. If you get the chance today, find someone to share this realization or epiphany with what emotion is the hardest you to express. There's a key there and it's going to take you somewhere. Beautiful. Trust me on that. Thank you so much for listening to Yoga Girl Daily today. I'll see you tomorrow.

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