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Yoga Girl Daily - August 20th 2019

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Healing, Tune-In Tuesday

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About the Episode

Tune-In Tuesdays are all about day tuning inward, taking a moment for self inquiry and learning the truth about how we feel.

Today we reflect on the question, “How am I feeling in my body right now?”

Take a moment to tune in. Are you being kind to yourself? Does your body feel like home?

Join us for this 5-minute practice and then share with a loved one to get to the root of what you need to feel good in your body.


[00:04] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily and happy Tuesday, everyone! It's officially our very first Tune-In Tuesday of this show and honestly I am the most excited about this day of all the days of the week. Tune-In Tuesday, as you probably can tell, is all about tuning inward. It's about self-inquiry and finding the truth about how we're feeling deep inside and figuring out what's moving inside of us. Tune In Tuesday; it's all about diving in, getting to know ourselves better and acknowledging what we need every single Tuesday. Every week I'll give you a new topic for us to journey into and we'll end with the very same call to action every single time: to share and speak our thoughts and feelings out loud. So, this can happen by sharing with a friend or with a family member. The absolute best way is to share with someone in person, but it can also be done through social media, either in writing, maybe with a little video snippet or a photo. You can also share of course with yourself if you want by journaling about it. So, for Tune In Tuesday today we are going to really tune in and track what's moving inside of us here, now and then find an avenue to share it. So, the question we're answering today is this: “How am I feeling in my body right now?” How am I feeling in my body right now? Let's take a moment and really drop into that space. If you can go ahead and close your eyes, take a really, really deep full breath.

[01:39] And if you'd like, you can take one of your hands. And just for a moment, place it to your heart and take this very brief moment just here now to check in. How am I feeling in my body right here, right now? Are you feeling at ease, at peace? Do you feel strong? Do you feel spacious? Do you feel powerful or do you feel small and weak or perhaps sluggish and tired? Maybe you're super energized and ready to go. Or maybe there are some things lingering just beneath the palm of your hand right now. So, taking a moment just to get really quiet within yourself, you can go ahead and just focus on the breath for a few moments. Noticing the flow of the breath in and the flow of the breath out and feeling into what it's like to be here right now.

[02:35] So, this body you're in, this is the one body you were given in this lifetime. Are you being kind to yourself? How are you treating this body? Are you showing up fully in this body every day? Or are you judging yourself? Are you being really harsh on yourself? Perhaps you're self-sabotaging or not treating yourself very nicely and perhaps you fluctuate as many of us do between the two, between taking really good care of your body and then not at all. So just taking this moment here now to feel, for me personally, I am definitely in a space where I feel like I'm swinging between the two sides of the pendulum. So I go from feeling very healthy and super energized and really good to all of a sudden feeling extremely tired and sluggish. And I've had some headaches over the past couple of days. I can sense within myself that whenever I ended up in one of those sluggish moments, I immediately want to lay on the couch and just eat chips and do nothing when actually what I need is to do the exact opposite and get up and move and maybe, you know, drink a smoothie or go outside, drink a ton of water.

[03:51] So I can really feel into how important it is for me to stay really, really present with what I need, especially when my body isn't feeling a hundred percent. How about you? How are you feeling in your body right now? So getting to the truth of that, really noticing what sounds good or how you want things to be, but how are you really? How are you treating yourself? What does it feel like to live in this one body you were given? Let's go ahead and share this today. So I want you to find a moment, either with a friend, family member, someone to sit down with. You can put a timer on, three minutes or five minutes and just openly without dialogue, without having to receive any advice of any kind. Just share what does it feel like to live in my body?

[4:37] How am I feeling in my body right now? And whatever comes from that. Perhaps you'll find yourself in a moment of being able to take some action today. Like if there's something specific that you need to feel good and take today and give yourself that, drink more water, go for a walk, exercise, or maybe take a break from exercise and just rest. Find what you need and act accordingly. But first check-in, how are you feeling in your body? And then take that moment to share. Thank you so much for tuning into Yoga Girl Daily today. I'll see you tomorrow.

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