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Yoga Girl Daily - November 27th 2019

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Meditation, Wellbeing Wednesday

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About the Episode

Our meditation practice today is centered around transitions.

Dealing with change can be really hard for most of us – even the small day-to-day changes such as transitioning from high energy at work to a slower paced energy at home. We need to take the time to consciously allow for an energetic transition.

This grounding meditation will allow you to accept and notice the space you are in in the present moment. Only from there, using the breath to guide you, can you sweep out any energy you want to release and make space for something new.

With every inhale, you create space to embrace whatever is waiting for you on the other side.


[00:04] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily and happy Wednesday! I hope you are having a beautiful day wherever you are. It is Wellbeing Wednesday today, it's hump day, so a perfect day to give ourselves a little bit of an extra boost to move through the week. And for today's meditation practice, I want to focus on transitions. This is something that I feel is a really hard thing for most of us. Whenever we find ourselves in any kind of abrupt change or whenever we're transitioning from one kind of energy to another, it can be quite a hard thing to do. I find personally for me, whenever I'm transitioning from my work day and I want to enter into the quiet space of being at home, I have to actually consciously allow myself space for that energetic transition to happen. I can't just switch from work mode to being at home. I need a little bit of time for that to happen.

[00:59] And the same goes for all of us whenever we're entering any kind of change or transitional space. So I wanted to do just a few minutes of a short grounding meditation to help bring us into the present moment by really tuning in to feel what it's like to be here as we are. So let's find a comfortable place to sit, comfortable place for you to be. And let's go ahead by just right away closing the eyes. And instead of thinking of this idea of meditation, like I have to sit up really tall or have a perfect posture. As we move into the topic of transitions, I want to start by allowing ourselves to first of all, accept and notice the space we're in right now. Accept and notice the space that's already present in your body and in your life. So what does it feel like to arrive here now and not just to this moment listening to these words, closing your eyes, but this moment in your life, what does it feel like to be here as you are in the space?

[02:12] So notice the energy that you might feel already sort of buzzing or moving through the body. What does that energy feel like? Does it feel like a high energy type of vibration moving through the body or is it a little bit low? Can you sense a tingling or a warmth or coolness? Anything special happening just on that physical level of being right here? What's that natural posture that you take? If you just let yourself relax, if you just let yourself be the way you are, what does that feel like or look like in the shoulders? How does it manifest or show up on your face? What does it feel like in the belly, the legs, the feet? Just notice and then from this place of letting yourself be the way you are, meaning if you're coming from a high energy type of situation, acknowledge that, feel that, feel that tingling all the way into the tips of the fingers right now and then invite more of that awareness into the workings of the breath so that you can feel the inhale, the exhale, moving through the nose and a little bit at a time to slowly, slowly allow for that breath to grow deeper. Allow for that breath to grow fuller.

[03:44] And see if you could imagine that you had even more space to breathe so that your breath wasn't limited by your respiratory system or by your lungs. But imagine you could draw the breath to any part of your body and beyond where you feel it's needed right now. So perhaps one part of the body feels very high energy now or tense or tight. Then use the breath, use your awareness, and start breathing some space and start breathing some calm into that part of your body so that every inhale helps to settle you a little bit, helps to sweep out any kind of energy that you want to release from your body right now. Make space for something new.

[04:37] And every exhale just lets you soften. Just lets you come back home. Just lets you be right here, right now. So you inhale in to that part of the body where you feel that that energy is very centered or taking up a lot of space and you exhale from that same place. Just making sure that your body can soften a little bit. So inhale, make the space and exhale, let it go. Inhale, make space. Then exhale, let go. Inhale, make space for what you need and exhale, let it go. And then letting yourself become very, very present with your breath in this moment. Very present with this feeling in your body, in this moment, giving yourself all the time you need to really settle into the body. Let's take another full breath in and this time, open the mouth and let it out. Go ahead and blink your eyes open. If you feel like you need a little more time to transition into that calm place, then you can listen to this podcast again, or just give yourself a few more minutes right after the ending of this show, just to be still and quiet. Thank you so much for grounding yourself and making space for this transition together with me today. Yoga Girl Daily will be back with some gratitude tomorrow.

[End of Episode]