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Yoga Girl Daily - September 6th 2019

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Self-Love, Feel-Good Friday

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About the Episode

It’s time to treat yourself!

For this Feel-Good Friday, let’s treat ourselves to something we know makes us feel amazing. Choose something out of the norm that you don’t do very often - something special.

The most important part is that you enjoy it fully and don’t feel any guilt around your self-care practice! We don’t have to accomplish anything to deserve a break.

We are worthy of feeling good, as we are, every single day.

Tune in to get started!


[00:32] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily and happy Friday, everyone! It's Feel-Good Friday today and I know we are all so, so ready for the weekend. Feel -Good Fridays, as you know, are all about self-care and feeling good and today we are practicing self-care by treating ourselves to something we know we've been craving. Really it's treat yourself time today and I want you to choose a way to treat yourself today that is a little bit out of the norm. So not that regular thing that you do at the end of every day, right? Not that thing that you do every Friday. Something that really makes it feel like you're giving yourself a special, special, special treat. And I want to make it really clear. So there's sometimes this idea that we have to do something really great and then we deserve something, right? It's like you work out a ton and then you deserve to have a cheat day.

[01:27] I really don't like the idea of the whole concept of cheat day is, is beyond me. We should never feel guilty about what we eat. We should never feel guilty about treating ourselves to things, and we don't have to first put in a ton of work to then deserve to treat ourselves. You are worthy of feeling good every day. You are worthy of treating yourself every day. The key here is to make sure that we don't go too far overboard with the treating of ourselves, right? Because if we treat ourselves to things that aren't healthy in the long run every single day, right? Say, you know, maybe your way of treating yourself is pint of Ben and Jerry's. I mean, I could kill a pint of Ben and Jerry’s right now. If that's your thing, if you eat that every single day or twice a day every day, it's not going to be something that makes you feel good in the long run, right?

[02:16] So the key here is to make sure that we never feel guilty about anything. We don't have to think of something as we're cheating when we're doing something that makes us feel good, but it's really tapping in and listening to our hearts and to our bodies when it comes to what we actually need. That's the key. Becoming really present and really conscious with how we choose to treat ourselves. Because the mind, especially if you've had a really overwhelming or stressful week, our mind might be super exhausted and we just, you know, I just, all I want to do now is lie catatonic on my couch and eat Ben and Jerry’s. We might not feel great after we do that if it's not what resonates with our hearts, right? If it's really what's resonating and that's what want, then that's great and we're going to feel really good doing that, too. So the key is to get really present and make sure that we're acting consciously, right? That we're aware of what we're choosing.

[03:15] So for Treat-Yourself Friday, today's it’s Feel-Good Friday, but today it's Treat Yourself Day. I want you to feel into your heart and really, really listen in which way do you want to treat yourself today? What do you need? Yeah, what would be the cherry on top of this beautiful week? Like really something to kind of lead you into this weekend to have you feeling good. And the answer to that could be, you know, I want to drink two glasses of wine and sit on the couch with my husband and gossip like it really, that could be a way of treating yourself. It could be eating that pint of Ben and Jerry's. Maybe today you want to treat yourself with some alone time, like asking your partner or someone to help take care of your kids or the family for a while so you can be totally alone.

[03:59] Perhaps your body's craving some body work. Yeah, go get some acupuncture or Reiki or a massage if you can squeeze it in or can afford it, like a little mini spa day. Perhaps there's that thing that you've been wanting to buy but you've held off on and you feel like you really, really, really want it. Then give yourself that gift today. Yeah, beautifying your home, your space. Sometimes for me, because I'm a little weird this way, but I really, really, really enjoy a well-organized home, so for me, a way of treating myself is asking my husband to take our baby and leave the house for three or four hours so I can completely organize and clean up. That might sound strange, but I feel so at peace when our house is in order and sometimes I just don't have time to do that in the week.

[04:44] Other days, of course, you know, away from me to treat myself is an evening in my sauna or taking a really long bath, lighting, all the candles, lighting, some instance reading a great book in the bath, undisturbed, getting a massage. I mean those things. So really feeling into your heart and into your body in this moment. How should you treat yourself today? And then make sure you go do that thing. Find someone to hold you accountable. Tell one of your friends, someone in your family, “Hey, it's Feel-Good Friday today, I'm going to do this thing to treat myself. Can you make sure that I actually do it? So even if you're tired at the end of the day, give yourself that space to go take that bath, read that book, drink that wine, eat that ice cream. You know, but without any feeling of guilt whatsoever, feel good because feeling good should be a part of our day to day life, but today make it extra special. Thank you so much for treating yourself today. I really hope this feel-good feeling lasts all weekend long. Thanks for tuning in to Yoga Girl Daily this week. I'll see you on Monday.

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