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Yoga Girl Daily - November 26th 2019

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Healing, Tune-In Tuesday

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About the Episode

It’s Tuesday and a beautiful day for us to look within and learn something new about ourselves.

Today, our focus is on something absolutely crucial in our lives: finding peace.

What do you need to have happen in your life for you to feel peaceful? When is peace lacking? What has to fall into place to bring it back? Maybe you need to cut yourself some slack, maybe you need to ask for help, maybe you need some alone time.

Only you know the answer, so take some time for that question today. Identifying the tools you have is the first step to doing them.

It’s time to define them and take action!


[00:04] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily and happy Tuesday! It's Tune-In Tuesday over here at Yoga Girl Daily, which means it's time for some self-reflection, self-inquiry, beautiful time for us to close our eyes, sit down, look within and perhaps through this kind of self-reflection, learn a little something new about how or why we are the way we are or how we're actually feeling right now. Today for Tune-In Tuesday, I want us to start looking for a couple of tools or resources or things that we feel like we might need to feel at peace, to feel calm, to feel whole, to feel like we have some semblance of balance in our lives. And I think regardless of what we're looking to create our lives right now, feeling at peace really is one of those fundamental, most important things that we all should be looking to create and looking to manifest in our lives.

[01:01] I feel like everything else that we want to add or that we want to make happen, it has to come from that place of feeling at peace of feeling calm. So for our self-reflection today: To feel at peace I need… and then you fill in the blank. To feel at peace I need… What do you need to have happen in your life for you to actually feel peaceful? What has to fall into place? What are you missing right now that perhaps you want to invite into your life that you know could help you find that connection to actual peace, to actual calm. Take a moment to sit with that and reflect on that for a little bit. To feel at peace I need… What do you need? Why is peace lacking in your life or when peace is lacking in your life…

[01:56] What is that thing that you do that you know helps you get there or that opens you up to inviting it and receiving peace and calm a little bit easier? Perhaps to feel at peace you need to ask for help. Maybe you have a really long list of things you feel overwhelmed with. Perhaps you need to ask someone else to help you take some of those things over. Delegate a little bit. Invite some help and support into your life so that you can soften and let go of not having to do all of those things by yourself. To feel at peace maybe what you need is to let go of the idea that everything you have to do has to be perfect. Perhaps you're accelerating this energy in your life, feeling that everything you do has to be amazing, top of the line. Maybe you're reworking and redoing things again and again and again trying to perfect something that's actually pretty good as it was already.

[02:52] So perhaps what's stealing your peace is this idea that everything has to be perfect. Maybe to feel at peace, you need to cut yourself some slack. Maybe soften a little bit. Or what about, to feel at peace I need alone time. Perhaps you're like me. Maybe you're a mom, you're surrounded by your children or your child all the time, or feeling like there's lots of noise everywhere you go. Always surrounded by people and things and this bustling energy of day to day life. Maybe what you need to feel at peace is to be alone. Give yourself some space and time for silence, to just be here now. Only you truly know the answer to this question. To feel at peace I need… So give yourself some time to really reflect on this, maybe journal on it. This is a really good topic for a journaling session.

[03:39] To feel at peace I need… just write that sentence out and keep writing and see what comes. Because identifying those resources or tools makes it really easy for us to actually carve out space for them to actually ask for that help when you need it or to actually, you know, give yourself that space and time to be alone or continue doing the thing that you know brings you peace. If it's your yoga practice, your meditation practice, something totally different, right? So defining what you need and then taking action to make it happen for you this week. It's something that's really important, I think for us every day that we have that space to actually feel at peace. Of course, journaling on this is a really great way to get started, but you all know, or we all know that the best way to really get deeper into this line of self-inquiry is to share with someone, to speak with someone out loud, have someone hold space for you so that you can move a little bit deeper into your own story. What do you actually need? There is a beautiful answer to that question, and it's somewhere deep within your heart, so find a friend to share with and then make them share with you so you can hold space for them in return. I am wishing you a very peaceful day and hope you're able to invite some of these resources into your life right now. Thank you so much for tuning in with me today. Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.

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