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Yoga Girl Daily - March 16th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Intention Setting, Make It Happen Monday

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About the Episode

As you move through a challenging time wherever you are in the world, it is crucial to find the balance between staying grounded in the present moment and remaining well informed with the situation at hand. If we go too far to either side, we can stray down a rabbit hole of fear and panic or start pretending that nothing is wrong.

Tune into today’s episode to root yourself into an important intention - to remain calm but to also stay well informed. Rachel shares her best self-care practices and how to use resources and tools for helpful information.

May we all take care of ourselves and others.


[00:11] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily and happy Monday, you guys! I want to take a moment just to start off this podcast right now with some gratitude. I know we are all moving through a really challenging time wherever you are in the world and taking a moment just to say thank you for the fact that you're listening to this right now. I'm hoping that these podcasts are helping you stay positive and uplifted throughout your day and if you ever have a topic or something special you'd like me to highlight on the Yoga Girl Daily show, please be sure to let me know.

[00:49] Now it's Make It Happen Monday today, so we always start every week, every Monday we set an intention for the week. This week I have something in mind that I know we all absolutely need. I know I am not alone in having felt absolutely overwhelmed and anxious over the past couple of days and weeks. And I've really struggled actually with finding a balance between staying grounded and focusing on where I am right now, which most of the time is, you know, present moment, tuning into my body, my breath, I'm in my house, maybe sitting on my couch with my daughter and my husband in this moment, just in that micro space of here, now in my own heart we are okay. And then the moment I zoom out and I think about the whole world and everything that's going on in all corners of the world right now, I drop into this place of absolute fear and panic and then I go check my phone and I check every news outlet and I've spent hours just going down this rabbit hole of going from one fearful news article to the other.

[01:50] So I really want to set an intention for us this week where we find a balance between staying calm and present and using the tools that we have, so we can really anchor into the here and now. But not putting our heads in the sand pretending like nothing's wrong, right? Or not taking the situation too lightly like we have nothing to worry about, we're young and healthy, but actually understanding the gravity of the situation and taking the measures that we have to take so we can support society as a whole. So that balance between being present and grounded, but still staying up to date and being well informed, it's a really important balance to strike. So our collective intention for this week is this: This week I will remain calm and stay well informed. This week I will remain calm and stay well informed. So take a moment just to see what that feels like for you.

[02:48] It will look a little bit different for each of us. How we're able to strike that balance, of course. I think an important thing to decide is how much time do you want to spend ingesting information from the media? It's easy, especially in times like this to get totally sucked into every time there's a screen in front of you, you know to spend all of your waking hours on your phone or watching TV and watching the news and I think it's really important that we strike that balance there of how can I make sure that I know what's going on in my local area and I'm checking in, kind of getting to know the pulse of what's going on every day, but then I can get back to my regular life as much as possible. Dropping into a place of absolute panic is not going to serve anybody.

[03:32] So staying anchored with those self-care practices that we all know are so important to us and then choosing to commit to them, doing them every single day and then checking in with that news outlet that you feel like is trustworthy for you a couple of times a day perhaps or maybe once a day. For me personally, I have decided to set a limit where I check my phone three times a day. I first, I said I was going to do it twice a day, but I realized three times a day is a little more reasonable and I spend not more than five minutes in reading the news articles, watching the little news videos, checking that news outlet that I feel is reliable for me and when my five minutes are up I put my phone away and I get back to life here, now. And then a couple of hours will pass.

[04:17] It'll be lunch time. I'll go back to that. Okay. It's news time again. What's new? Is there a new update? Is there new research out? Is something new happening in my local area. I take five minutes on my phone and I read what I feel like I need to read to stay well informed and up to date and then I put my phone away and then I do that one more time at the end of the day, three times a day. That's a huge improvement for me compared to the fact that a couple of days ago I was spending all day long just taking in all the information I could find. Which of course led me to feeling anxious every waking moment of my day. And that's no way to live. We need all of us to stay with our feet on the ground right now. We need to be with our families.

[04:59] We need to eat well, drink water, take care of our bodies, take care of ourselves, take care of this society, and stay as calm as we can without pretending like nothing's going on. So this week I will remain calm and stay well informed. How can you find that balance in your own life? So hopefully we can make our way through this challenging time, still feeling at peace in our own bodies. Thank you so much for tuning into Yoga Girl Daily today. I hope we all resonate with this collective intention for the week. Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.

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