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Yoga Girl Daily - February 10th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Friendship, Being of Service, Growth, Make It Happen Monday

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About the Episode

Everyone that you come across - the stranger you pass on the street, the person who cut you off in traffic, your coworker sitting next to you - is fighting their own battle. When we approach our surroundings with this mindset, we can usually find a place in our hearts that is filled with compassion, love and understanding.

This week, our intention is to practice loving kindness everywhere we go. Be kind to strangers, send love to those who wrong you, and cut everyone some slack. Love people just the way they are for absolutely no reason at all. By the end of the week, that love will have come full circle and made its way right back to you.

Interactive Exercise

For 10 minutes every day this week, focus your attention on bringing more loving kindness to the world. As you are walking down the street, send some kindness to strangers (either silently or out loud!). Let someone in a rush go in front of you in line. Look for opportunities to bring more kindness wherever you find yourself.


[00:31] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily and happy Monday! I am so happy to sit here, first day of a brand-new week, which of course means it's time for us to anchor into an epic intention for the week ahead. I have something in mind for this week that on some level, it's a very grand and very big intention, but on another level it's super grounded and simple. This practice is inspired by one of my greatest teachers of all time, Ram Dass. So you might have read his quotes around this or heard him speak about this many times before, but we're going to anchor into a practice for this week that's centered around loving kindness.

[01:22] So how can I look at the world this week from a place of compassion? How can I meet people with a little extra kindness and love as I go about my every day, day to day life? I do this practice myself that you might think is a little weird. I don't usually tell people that I do this because it's a little out there, but if I'm having a hard day or I've had a hard day or I can sense my inner critic getting extra loud or I'm complaining about something, I'll do a loving kindness practice where every person I come across in a day, and I mean every single person including strangers, including people that you love, including people that you don't like. Every person you encounter in a day silently without saying it out loud because then people would really think I'm crazy, but silently I send them love by telling them quietly.

[02:14] “I love you”. It sounds so simple. It's actually really hard. So someone, you know, crosses the street in front of me and I silently say, I love you. Someone bumps into me at the grocery store. I love you. Someone I really don't like, like a person I have an issue with comes into the cafe where I'm having a coffee. I love you. I see my husband. Of course, I love you. My daughter. I love you. Friends, family, all that, pretty easy, but coming across strangers and every time you have any sort of interaction with someone silently, just to yourself, repeating that as a mantra, I love you and sending that person, whether they're a stranger or someone you love, someone you don't like, whoever they are sending them some love, some compassion, some kindness for no specific reason at all. Trust me when I say that doing this, even if you have just like a dedicated moment of time in a day, you say, Hey, okay, I'm walking down the street.

[03:12] I'm going to be super loving for 10 minutes walking down the road and do this practice of just loving other people the way they are without having to know them. Without them having to give you a reason to love them, nothing like that, but just having that love come from a place of unconditional compassion inside of your heart. Doing this practice even for 10 minutes, it's going to completely change your entire state of being. By practicing the art, of looking at other people with love automatically, all of that compassion, all of that love, or even just the practice of feeling compassion and love because sometimes it's not always there. It's going to come right back around your way because you're infusing your entire space with this loving vibration of compassion and nothing changes our world as loving kindness does. So our intention for this week is: This week I will practice loving kindness everywhere I go.

[04:11] This week I will practice loving kindness everywhere I go. So it can be simple things of relating to other people with a little extra love and compassion than you normally do. Maybe this week you cut other people some slack. Maybe this week you actively try to be kind to strangers all throughout your day. This week do simple things like returning your cart to the grocery store. When someone cuts you off in traffic, send them some love. Like every email you send in a day, just bring a little extra love to how you communicate, how you're talking to people in your day. If something hard happens, try to see the other person's point of view and realize that, Hey, they are fighting their own battles too. Let's have a week totally filled with love, with compassion and with kindness, and trust me when I say that you will feel so much love in your heart by the end of this week. Thank you so much for setting this intention with me this week. I'm excited to see all of this love spread through this community all week long, and Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.

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