This Week I Will Practice Loving Kindness

Yoga Girl Daily - February 10th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Friendship, Being of Service, Growth, Make It Happen Monday

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About the Episode

Everyone that you come across - the stranger you pass on the street, the person who cut you off in traffic, your coworker sitting next to you - is fighting their own battle. When we approach our surroundings with this mindset, we can usually find a place in our hearts that is filled with compassion, love and understanding.

This week, our intention is to practice loving kindness everywhere we go. Be kind to strangers, send love to those who wrong you, and cut everyone some slack. Love people just the way they are for absolutely no reason at all. By the end of the week, that love will have come full circle and made its way right back to you.

Interactive Exercise

For 10 minutes every day this week, focus your attention on bringing more loving kindness to the world. As you are walking down the street, send some kindness to strangers (either silently or out loud!). Let someone in a rush go in front of you in line. Look for opportunities to bring more kindness wherever you find yourself.