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Yoga Girl Daily - June 8th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Make It Happen Monday, Intention Setting, Growth, Being of Service

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About the Episode

As a society, we have a lot of learning to do right now - and learning involves listening.

When you actively listen to someone without reacting and without waiting for your turn to speak - when you truly listen - change happens.

This week we are setting the intention to listen deeply, show up, and hold space.


[00:04] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily and welcome to our intention setting practice of the week. It is Monday today, which of course means a brand-new week ahead. For me, I usually feel a little bit ambivalent about Mondays, like sometimes I'll feel some excitement about a week ahead. It feels like there's a, a new beginning, a new start with Mondays, and always, usually mix them with a little bit of that feeling of Mondays. You know, we have so much to do. And for all of us, everyone listening right now, and me, as humanity, as a society, we have a lot of work to do. We have a lot to do. We have a lot to do within. We have a lot to do without. So, for this week, I want to set a really heart-centered intention around listening. I sat down for a long while just to really ground into the vibration that I want to share with you guys this week, what I'm asking from this community and what I'm asking for myself.

[01:10] And I keep coming back to this basic, basic, basic place of learning how to listen with absolute presence. And this is such a hugely important practice. I talk about that on the podcast a lot. Active listening, we also call it sometimes in the yoga world, you know, the art of holding space for somebody which really means just allowing the other person to speak, sharing their points of view, sharing their emotions, sharing their experience without interrupting. And I teach this, you know, the art of holding space, the art of listening, sharing practices, of course, we can have a sharing practice without a listening practice, right? It's it goes both ways. One person shares the other one listens and I do it a lot in our trainings and our groups. And we do it online. We do it in the live classes and I never get any pushback around that.

[02:05] You know, no one ever goes, Hey, Hey, what do you mean, listen, what does that mean? You know, why should I listen now? Or why is this person's story important? Right? But in those sacred settings or those kind of yoga centered settings, we have this natural response to, of course we listen to each other, right? So what I'm sitting with right now is why is it that when we're having a conversation about people's lives, right? We're having a conversation about justice, which of course involves, you know, politics and the societal structure we're in right now. But when we get down to the heart of the matter, this is a conversation around people's lives, right? About equality, about everybody's lives being equally important. And somehow around this conversation, especially around the Black Lives Matter conversation are the big, big uprisings that we're seeing in families, in our homes, in relationships, out in the world.

[03:01] Somehow the idea of listening is challenged again and again. And I would like to take a moment, of course, this doesn't apply for everyone. You know, most of you guys listening right now, you have this ability to listen. You're here in this conversation, you're doing the work, but there is a lot of people out there who don't know how to listen when it really matters. So I want us to set the present heart-centered intention for each of us this week to listen, to listen, to listen. And especially in these conversations, especially if you're present in social media right now, or if you're out there online, which is a challenging place to listen in, I know that because I think it's easier to be triggered from a place of the mind when we're behind a screen than what it is in real life face to face.

[03:52] But I really want us all to set that as a collective intention right now, to listen, especially when Black people speak. And the conversation around race that we don't make it about us. But that we all realize that if we are non-Black right now, we have a lot to learn. Hundred percent. You know, we have a lot to learn and the people to educate us or for us to learn from right, it's not other white people, but it's the Black community. So setting the intention to listen this week. And of course you can apply this in every way that it really resonates with you. I also think when we're able to really sit down and get quiet and allow ourselves to listen to that voice that comes from within, there's going to be compassion there, right? There’s going to be love.

[04:42] There's going to be this longing to be of service, to fight for justice, right? For equality, for all. So, listening in every way, that resonates with you. Listening for that inner voice, listening for that inner truth, listening to the people whose voices need to be centered in this conversation. Really listening from that heart-centered place and not being so quick to jump into conversation or to counter or to feel triggered or to react. But to just take this week to listen in every way. And there's something beautifully connected there, you know, our ability to listen to people, sharing their real-life experience, which means when we listen, as we hold space for that expression to be there. And then at the same time, listening to that inner voice within, and at the same time, we start to open our ears. So we're actually able to listen to something bigger, right?

[05:38] To Great Spirit, God, to universe, universal love, whatever you like to call it. But there is a beautiful, beautiful synchronicity there. And we want to put ourselves in the way of that vibration. So it's an act of service this week to listen to the voices from the Black community, to not be so quick to speak. But to take a breath and just be present and hold space. I want to, before I sign off, take a moment just to say how much I appreciate you for being here, for doing this work for listening, for setting this intention right now. It's an important one for all of us. Thank you so much for listening. Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.

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