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Yoga Girl Daily - November 18th 2019

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Intention Setting, Make It Happen Monday

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About the Episode

This week, our intention focuses on something that can really serve us and create a big shift in our lives.

We all do things that aren’t very good for us. What is your bad habit? This week, you are going to kick it. Take it seriously and evaluate how you feel at the end of the week.

Maybe this is a habit that needs to leave your life for good!


[00:56] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily and happy Monday! It's the first day of the week. It's Make-It-Happen Monday. It's time for us to sit down and set an intention so that we can make something happen this week. This week, I have an intention that might be a little bit challenging for some of us. I know it's going to be a little bit challenging for me, but it's one of those intentions that can really serve us in a massive way that can actually help us create a big shift and a big change in our lives. I don't know about you, but I definitely have a lot of little habits and things that I do every single day that aren't necessarily really good for me. Some of them are big, some of them are small, some of them are harder to stop than others, but I think we all have a couple of things that we do every single day that we do a little bit mindlessly or that we do because we're not feeling good or that we do because we don't want to feel something at all or that we do because we're not thinking about it.

[02:00] Maybe it's a way that you're wasting time. You could be spending your time doing something better. Perhaps it's something that isn't very good for your health. Maybe it's something that's actually harming you. We all have at least one if not many of those bad habits. So our intention this week is centered around cutting out one of those things for just a week, getting really serious about it for just a week so that we can really evaluate and see how we feel by the end of it. Here's our intention: This week I will cut out one habit that isn't serving me. This week I will cut out one habit that isn't serving me. Oh, I'm a little scared about it, but also really excited about it at the same time. What is that one habit that you do a lot of that you know isn't doing you any good. Yeah, and maybe it's not something that's absolutely terrible and you know it's not killing you, but you know it's not adding anything great to your life.

[02:57] What is that habit that know you would like to do less of or that you would like to cut out of your life altogether? Perhaps you're wasting a lot of time every day, mindlessly scrolling through Instagram. That can be one of those things. Perhaps you spend a lot of time on social media and at the end of it you feel a little bit icky or you feel a little bit low or you follow accounts that make you feel less than and he spent a lot of time immersed in that online world. Perhaps that social media habit or that Instagram scrolling habit is a really good one to kick this week. Yeah, you can always pick it up next week and see how it feels. Perhaps you are eating a ton of sugar right now and you don't feel good doing that. Maybe that's something you want to try to cut out this week. Perhaps you are smoking or you're doing something that you know isn't good for your health. Perhaps that's something you want to try to cut out this week. Maybe you spend a lot of time immersed in gossip or drama. What would it be like to have an entire week completely free of gossip.

[03:58] Perhaps you always watch just one more episode of that show that you're watching on Netflix so that you lose an hour of sleep every night. What would it be like to cut out that habit and go to bed an hour earlier every day this week? Ooh, that one sounds interesting. Maybe there is something else. You are going to know exactly what your habit is that you want to kick this week and the beautiful thing about this is you're not telling yourself you're never going to do this ever again. This is for this week and I want you to come Sunday, evaluate and feel. What does it feel like to do less of this every day? What does it feel like to have less of this in my life? Perhaps after a week you feel great. Perhaps you’re realizing that you are wasting time doing this thing that isn't super good for you or that you are doing something to your body that isn't super healthy.

[04:43] And maybe by the end of the week you feel like, Hey, I want to keep going into another week. Or maybe you want to just diminish or lower the impact that this habit has on your life, at the very least. So this week is about kicking or taking a break from one of our bad habits just to see how we feel doing it. So I want you to take this super seriously. Pick your bad habit that you're going to cut out this week. And if you can talk about it, tell your friends, Hey, I'm doing a social media free week this week. Or, Hey, I'm cutting out sugar this week. Or, Hey, I'm going to go to bed earlier this week. I'm not going to watch Netflix late at night. Or you know, whatever that thing is that you are cutting out. We all have so many different things to choose from. My thing is definitely going to be staying up late, working on my phone.

[05:28] I do this a lot. I try to keep my phone out of my bedroom, but then I end up having this last minute thing I have to do and sometimes I end up staring at my phone all the way until the moment when I go to bed. No more of that. I'm kicking that late night phone habit this week because I know I will sleep better without that phone in my face. It will be easier for me to fall asleep and all the things that feel really urgent late at night I can always do in the morning. What's that habit that you are cutting this week? I really want to hear it. You can go to our community board on and share with everyone. I can't wait to find out so we can support each other all throughout this week. This week I will cut out one habit that isn't serving me. Are you ready? Go! Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.

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