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Yoga Girl Daily - August 3rd 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Make It Happen Monday, Intention Setting, Lifestyle

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About the Episode

The first thing you do in the morning sets the tone for the entire day.

What do your mornings look like right now? Are you taking time to wake up or rushing to start work? Are you eating a nourishing breakfast or skipping it?

Reflect on what a perfect morning looks like for you. If you find moments of peace with each sunrise, you may realize that peace is carried with you throughout the entire day.

Tune in to make your mornings sacred.


[01:07] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily, happy Monday, and welcome to our intention setting practice of this week. I hope you've had a really good weekend and that you feel ready for the week ahead. I have an intention in mind that is actually more of a ritual for us this week. So, something about how we start our days off, we all know that how we begin the day in the morning from the moment we wake up tends to set the tone for the rest of the day. And we all have some little bad habits and different ways that maybe are actually inhibiting us from starting our day off feeling really energized and grounded and ready to go. It's going to be different for each of us, but for me, I have a bad habit that I have to get really present with of starting my day by checking my phone. And it's something that I'm really trying to move away from. And I know when I wake up in the morning and I don't look at my phone first thing, I don't take in everything from the whole rest of the world, but I actually start my day off with some silence, with a quiet breakfast with the family, certain small little changes in my morning actually tends to shift my whole day around.

[02:20] So this week I want us all to set a morning ritual that we know is great for us in every way. So for you, maybe that is that same thing of waking up in the morning, giving yourself at least an hour or 30 minutes of your morning to read, to journal, to spend time with your family, to do something else aside from being present on your phone. And another thing I'm doing every single morning is before I drink my coffee, I drink a huge glass, or actually a giant jar, of water with a squeeze of lemon. And I do that every morning before I ingest anything else as a way from my body to rehydrate from not having had anything to all night, as a way to cleanse from the night and the day before, and to reset and just begin my day totally fresh.

[03:06] So, taking a moment right now to yourself, right? What is a little shift that you can make in the morning in terms of deciding on a ritual for yourself that you can commit to every single day this week? I love having little mini moments of peace in the morning, right? And I know if I start my day off checking my phone, that I don't end up going there, but I end up starting work already at seven o'clock instead of waiting for work to begin like a normal time of day. So, lighting a candle in the morning, giving myself a moment to journal, having that time is so, so, so special. And it helps me set an intention for the day and get more mindful or how my day before the day has actually really started. So, what about you? Perhaps it's something around the kind of breakfast you're eating.

[03:49] Maybe you could be eating something a little bit more nourishing that sustains you more. If you tend to skip breakfast, maybe this week is a really good week for you to get serious about taking care of yourself in the morning and making sure you eat enough. Perhaps there's something you can swap out in terms of what you are eating, making sure you're eating healthy foods in the morning, making sure that you're present, that you're grounded, perhaps getting your movement in in the morning. Perhaps there is a specific ritual that you can commit to for this week that you know is going to be really special for you, right? So we all have different needs in the morning. We all have different needs in our lives. I would love for you to right now, take a moment to open up your journal, your notebook, even your notes app on your phone is going to work and write down, “A perfect morning for me is…” and just follow that sentence and see where it takes you, right?

[04:36] Do you need a few extra moments to snooze in the morning? Should you be waking up a little earlier or give yourself more time to sleep? Is there something you should change around your presence in the morning, a ritual you can create, a shift you can make in terms of what you're eating, how you're eating it, how you're moving your body and just deciding this week to begin the day presently, mindfully, and really commit to that all through the week. So, our intention for this week is this, “This week I will begin each day in a mindful way by making my mornings sacred.” This week, I will begin each day in a mindful way by making my mornings sacred. So you can look at this as a seven day experiment. What are some rituals you can create for yourself every single morning, and then see how that actually has the ability to affect the rest of your day. Wishing you a week of beautiful, mindful nourishing mornings ahead. Take really good care of yourself. Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.

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