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Yoga Girl Daily - August 26th 2019

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Healing, Make It Happen Monday, Intention Setting

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About the Episode

When we are working toward a goal, we often overlook the importance of making space for new things first.

So today, answer the question, “This week, I am letting go of…”.

What have you been dragging around for too long? What is in the way? Don’t let baggage or old stories weigh you down.

Tune in, set your intention and spend the week in the vibration of letting go.


[00:43] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily and happy Monday, every one! I am oh excited that it's Monday and we have a brand new week ahead. Make It Happen Mondays are actually making my Mondays a lot better than they used to be. For Make It Happen Monday, today we are setting an intention that focuses not on what we are creating but on what we are releasing. This is a really important thing that I feel like a lot of us overlook, especially when we're pursuing a goal or trying to manifest something in our lives. We have to have space to be able to create new things. This is a really important key to learn in life. We can't create really anything when we are weighed down by baggage or old stories or things that no longer serve us. So let's take a moment to just sit with that for a second.

[01:30] What have you been dragging around for far too long? What's in the way? What do you need to clear out? Let's set a super clear intention to help us create some space. “This week, I am letting go of…”. “This week, I am letting go of…”. How are you going to finish that sentence? What are you letting go of this week? Let's take a moment to drop into that space. You can close your eyes and just for a few breaths, place your hand to your heart. Just feeling into your body in this moment. Just reflecting on that topic of letting go. Yeah, letting go. What does that stir inside of your heart? Perhaps you know already immediately what it is that you need to clear out or let go of. Maybe there was a situation or something that you've been moving through in your life, but it's totally played out and done, but you're still playing that same old record in your head again and again.

[02:26] A lot of us do that. Maybe there is something there that happened to you in your past. It could be a heavy experience, something really hard, but you're still carrying that energy with you today. Maybe there was an actual person that's weighing heavy on you right now or maybe, and I find this to be the case for so, so many of us, there is a pattern or habit in how you're treating yourself and that's making everything feel super heavy and hard at times. We’ve got to let some of this shit go. It's so true. We can't create anything we dream of when we're weighed down by so many things that aren't bringing us forward, such as feeling into that. Let's take a really deep breath all the way into the bottom of the belly and then focusing on the exhale, loud and clear. Open the mouth, let it go.

[03:23] Ah, let's do that again. A little louder this time. Fill the body up with breath. Inhale, open the mouth and let it go. Beautiful. Open your eyes.

[03:55] So making this intention this week really tangible, something you can really anchor into and work with every day of the week. Here's a couple of examples. So it could be this week: I am letting go of my need to please others. I'm going to make decisions based on what I want this week. Or, this week I'm letting go of my needs to be perfect or to do everything perfectly. If I mess something up, that's okay. Or, this week I'm letting go of obsessing about my body. I commit to an entire week of wearing what I want, eating what I want and moving however I want without any guilt. Or, this week I'm letting go of control, I surrender to the universe and by stepping back I trust that life will take me where I need to go to see what really resonates as truth for you. My intention for the week is really, really, really clear. I've been a little bit stressed about my upcoming book launch and the book tour I have coming up.

[04:53] I need to create some space around that and let go and not feel the need to control and not worry about it. So my intention is: this week I am letting go of my worries over my upcoming book launch. I have done all the work I can possibly do and now it's time to sit back and trust. So every time I find myself this week worried about something or getting anxious over the tour or over the launch, I'm going to remind myself of my intention this week, anchor back into that to let that worry go and to lean back and trust. What is your intention? What are you letting go of? Make sure you write it down, put it somewhere so you can see it every single day this week, and then give yourself those constant reminders to focus on your intention throughout the week and share it with the world. You can post it on social media, tag Yoga Girl Daily so we can all see each other's intentions. It's a really powerful thing to see all the things that we are collectively letting go of this week. Thank you so much for tuning in to Yoga Girl Daily today, and I'll see you tomorrow.

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