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Yoga Girl Daily - March 6th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Self-Love, Feel-Good Friday, Love

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About the Episode

Today’s Feel-Good Friday episode features a poem that will hit you straight in the heart. It is called, “Your Soft Heart” by Nikita Gill.

We are all vulnerable, gentle beings who care so deeply about this world. Sometimes, along the way, we don’t nourish that part of ourselves. We start to put walls up and ignore the side of us that weeps every time we hear something sad on the news.

Tune in to reconnect with your inner child, your soft heart, and the kindness and love within you that will change the world.


[00:31] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily and happy Friday! Welcome to our Feel-Good Friday episode of this week. And today, to really put us in that wonderful vibration of nourishing ourselves, nurturing ourselves so we can really take care of ourselves all through the weekend long, I have a wonderful poem that I came across a little while ago that I am so happy to share with you guys today. This is just, you know, one of those things. You come across and you read and immediately you get goosebumps, the hair in the back of your neck stands up, you feel your breathing slow down, something that just hits you straight in the heart. That was the physical reaction I had to reading this poem the first time I read it and I feel excited that I get to share it with you.

[01:25] It's perfect for our Feel-Good Friday day because it's all about self-care, self-love, self-compassion, and it's written by Nikita Gill. Here we go. This is called, Your Soft Heart.

“You are still the child who gently places fallen baby birds back into their nests. You are still the soft soul that gets your heartbroken over cruel words and awful acts when you watch the news. You are still the gentle heart who once tried to heal a flower by trying to stick its petals back when ignorant feet trampled it. This is why you are important. This is why you will always be needed. Kindness is the greatest endangered thing and here you are existing with your heart, so full of it.”

[02:30] Oh, I just, I love that last line or those last two lines. Kindness is the greatest endangered thing and here you are existing with your heart so full of it. This poem just so beautifully reminded me of that, that inner child that we all have within. That inside, we are all these very vulnerable, gentle, soft beings who care so deeply for this world and for everyone in this world. I see this in my daughter every day. She's in this phase right now where she's making little beds and little pieces of furniture for the flies and the spiders that she comes across in garden. Every time she sees any animal, she asks me about their mommies and their daddies and their siblings and their friends and it's just in her nature to be so innately caring for every being, large or small. And I think we are all born that way. Just filled with gentle, vulnerable kindness, with this longing to really take care of each other. And then somehow along the way we tend to numb that part of ourselves or we don't cherish that part of ourselves.

[03:29] We're told to soldier on and buck up and be strong and fierce and we start to put up these walls and suddenly we forget how to connect with that vulnerable part inside of ourselves. And I think the more we can actually touch on that soft, gentle heart every day and really elevate that side of ourselves that is caring for other people, for other beings, that really feels deeply. That whenever you watch the news, that beating heart, that aches when you come across suffering anywhere in the world, that's that nudge for you to pause and listen to what your heart tells you. That you're here to feel all the things you're here to experience all of the beauty and the pain in this world and that it's by kindness and love that we will actually make an everlasting change. So if you want to look this poem up again, it's Your Soft Heart by Nikita Gill. Such a beautiful poem. She has tons of beautiful poetry if you want to feel inspired all weekend long. Thank you so much for listening today, hoping you have a wonderful weekend ahead. Yoga Girl Daily will be back on Monday.

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