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Yoga Girl Daily - December 13th 2019

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Self-Love, Feel-Good Friday

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About the Episode

At Yoga Girl Daily, we love to make lists! Today as a self-care practice, let’s all make a list of the things we love about ourselves.

What qualities to you have that make you feel great, confident, unique and beautiful? There is no limit, the longer the list, the better. The more permission you give to yourself to shine bright, the more you influence others to do the same.

The truth is, you’re pretty great. Let’s acknowledge it!


[00:49] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily and happy Friday! It's Feel-Good Friday over here at Yoga Girl Daily. We've made it all the way through the work week. It's almost time to dive into the weekend, so as with every Feel-Good Friday, I have a really cool self-care practice for us to do today. Today we are doing one of my favorite things, and maybe this is a little bit dorky, but it's so true. One of my favorite things to do is make lists! I love making lists. I love making lists of things that I have to do today. I love making lists of things that I'm grateful for. Lists and bullet point lists are just such a nicely structured way of framing something. And the list we're going to make today is even more special because it's going to light up your whole day, I promise.

[01:45] It's going to make you feel so, so, so, so good. It's a practice that's going to really put you in that feel-good vibe so that you can flow into the weekend feeling great. We are going to make an epic list of things you absolutely love about yourself. I know, it's so exciting! Maybe this makes you feel uncomfortable. The idea for many of us, we have this thing where it's easy to give compliments and to compliment other people and to tell other people how great they are. But then when that's directed toward ourselves, we feel a little bit uncomfortable, right? We've been taught since a young age that it's not okay to stand up and shout to the rooftops how great we are. You know, we're always minimizing our successes and making ourselves small, or we're scared that we're going to shine too brightly. We don't want to dim anybody else's light.

[02:33] Truth is, the more we shine, the brighter we shine, the more we give other people permission to do the same. So when we make this list, a list of things that you absolutely love about yourself. A list of things that you are 100% amazing at, a list of ways you are great and unique and beautiful and shining in this world. So don't overthink it. Just open your notebook, sit down and write at the very top: Things I love about myself and start with whatever first comes to your mind. So it could be, I'm a great listener. I make a mean cup of coffee in the morning. I'm a really good dancer. Actually, I have a really great sense of style. I'm really kind to other people. I love my feet. I love my hair. I love that no matter what life throws my way, I never ever give up. And just start writing bullet point lists.

[03:28] All the things that come to mind and especially if you have a hard time or if you feel like you're drawing a blank. Well, what are things I love about myself? Take a moment to focus on areas in your life that just flow effortlessly, right? Or scenarios or situations that you come across in your day-to-day life where you feel at ease. Usually those revolve around qualities that we have where we're actually shining pretty effortlessly and there are really no limits here. You can, this list can be, I think honestly, the longer the list that the better, and this is not at all a, you know, egotistical thing or anything at all. It's just giving ourselves permission to shine a little bit brighter and directing our attention to the fact that actually we're pretty great. Actually even on the days where we feel lesser than or we feel like we're not enough.

[04:16] Or on the days we feel like we're failing, we have so many things and areas in our lives that work and qualities that are beautiful and amazing, right? So yeah, maybe you're having a tough time at work right now, but you're a really, really good mom, right? So balancing out our challenges and struggles and parts of our lives where we feel like we might be failing with the qualities that we have that actually are awesome and they're awesome every day. I think if we spent more time focusing on the things that make us great than we do focusing on the things that maybe we feel like we are insecure about or like we're not doing well, or that we should improve, we should do better, be better. It's much easier to flow through life with that positive attitude of, Hey, I'm pretty good the way I am.

[05:01] Like imagine if we all felt that way about ourselves. I think life would look radically different. So, make this epic list of things you love about yourself. And go ahead and start right now. Don't wait. Don't put it off until later today. Just right the moment this podcast ends, pull up your notebook or your notes app on your phone and write the list. Things I love about myself. I'm so excited to make my own list right now, and I feel like this energy is going to really take me to great places this weekend. I hope you feel the same. Thank you so much for tuning in to Yoga Girl Daily today. We will be back on Monday.

[End of Episode]