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Yoga Girl Daily - January 13th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Intention Setting, Make It Happen Monday

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About the Episode

There is a simple secret to a good life - do more of what makes you happy!

But, do you actually know what makes you happy? Sometimes it’s not as clear as it seems.

Today, we take the time to figure it out and make a commitment to dedicate our week entirely to our happiness. Spend more time in the kitchen, in the bath, or reading a book.

The little things can mean the most. Don’t take them for granted!


[00:35] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily and happy Monday! It's a brand-new week. We have infinite possibilities ahead of us. Of course, I have a great intention for us all to anchor into this week. I have been contemplating this a lot lately. Going back to the simple things in life, the little day to day moments that we so often tend to take for granted. Actually contemplating what really is it that makes me happy in my life. It sounds like such a such a simple question to ask, but really it's easy to get ahead of ourselves and forget to slow down and really evaluate where we're at. And are we truly doing enough of those things that make us happy? It's easy to get caught up in all the things we have to be doing and work and taking care of other people. So, slowing down to recognize what makes you happy and making sure you do more of that I really think is what this year should be all about.

[01:43] So our intention for this week is: This week I will do more of what makes me happy. This week I will do more of what makes me happy. Such a simple intention, but I think really important when it comes to wanting to live a really good life. So let's take a moment right here, right now for you to get a little bit clearer around, what are those things in your day to day life that actually bring you happiness? And I'm not just talking about those big huge things or milestones or goals that we have set for ourselves. Not talking about the vacations or the travels or the extravagant stuff, but the everyday, day to day things. If you just reflect on a regular day in your life, what are the components or qualities or small experiences and moments of connection that make you feel happy, that bring you happiness? For me, it's really easy to define because I spend a lot of time contemplating this, but something that makes me really happy is baking and cooking for my family.

[02:46] It's really simple, but it just brings me so much joy to gather as a whole family around the table, eating something delicious that I put time and energy and heart and love into. That brings me happiness. Of course, spending time with my daughter, undisturbed time without anybody pulling at me or without feeling like I have to run away to go to the next thing, but just being totally present with her brings me so much joy. Something else that brings me a lot of happiness strangely is having a clean and organized house. So I know if I spent 10 minutes at the end of the night before I go to bed, just cleaning up the kitchen, I wake up feeling clearer, more happy and I'm ready to kind of meet the day in a different way. So how about you? I just mentioned three things that are really easy to take for granted.

[03:34] So cooking or you know, baking, preparing things in the kitchen, spending time with my kid and giving myself some space to make sure I have a clean, organized home. Those three things combined bring me so much happiness. And what's true for you? Perhaps what makes you happy is spending time outside or making sure you have a little bit of time every day to be in nature, to see the sky above you, just to be outdoors. Maybe it's time spent undisturbed with your spouse or with your partner. Perhaps you have something else specific. Maybe something around movement, how you're taking care of your body, making sure you have that space to go to yoga class every day or just roll out your mat in your living room every day. Take a moment right here, right now just to define those little every day, day to day things that make you happy and then commit to this week's intention, which is a really lovely joyful one.

[04:28] This week I will do more of what makes me happy. So that means carving out more time every day to actually do those things. Maybe it means that this week you leave work 20 minutes earlier just so you have a little more space to transition into that home life or a little extra time to spend with your kids or extra time to do groceries so that you can cook something really delicious. Dedicate this week to doing more of what makes you happy. So more of the yoga, more time spent outside, more time in the bathtub, more time kissing your husband or your wife, more time doing the things that actually make you happy in that regular day to day way. So it doesn't have to be any kind of mountain that you have to climb or something you have to accumulate to get to that happy place, but just giving yourself space for more of those regular opportunities in your day. This week, I will do more of what makes me happy. I am so ready to have a happy week. I hope you are too. Thank you so much for tuning into Yoga Girl Daily today. I'll be back tomorrow.

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