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Yoga Girl Daily - May 12th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Lifestyle, Tune-In Tuesday

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About the Episode

Now is a good time to organize every area of our lives - now is always a good time!

Today, let’s figure out which area of our lives is the absolute messiest and start there. Sometimes the messiest area isn’t a physical space, but a relationship or a habit instead. What is true for you?

The only way to clean it up is to acknowledge it in the first place.

Tune in to get clear and take the first step to moving on.


[00:47] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily and happy Tuesday! It is Tune-In Tuesday today, so it's our self-inquiry of the week. It's that time to ground, to take a moment to contemplate a specific topic and then journal and maybe share about it as well. This week we are really focused on creating a sense of order in our lives. We are on that kind of cusp of some change coming our way. I feel like we've had so much change over the past couple of months and now is a really good time to get organized and every area of our lives.

[01:28] So today for our contemplation practice, I really want to take a moment to identify the area of our lives that is the absolute messiest right now. Perhaps by just thinking about that, you can feel a little, a little shudder going through your body or a little bit of some aversion. Maybe there is an area of your life right now that you know is really messy and you don't want to look at it. You know, trust me, I'm right there with you. I feel it. We all have that one area that kind of just, it's like, Oh, I'd rather just not go there. I'll leave it for another time. I am a really good at procrastinating things that I really, really don't like to deal with. And then I'll think to myself, you know what, that will be just that'll just be a problem for future Rachel.

[02:14] Right now I can do something fun instead. And then that day comes that future Rachel has to deal with the thing that past Rachel procrastinated. And usually what happens when I push it into the future is it gets much harder, right? It gets much heavier, it accumulates more mess. So what is that area of your life right now that's super messy, right? And this can be literally, maybe this represents a physical area in your life. Perhaps you have our really messy house right now, maybe you have one area of your home that's just an absolute mess, right? Maybe your garden is messy. Maybe there was something around the proximities of your home and you can relate that to something physical, something in that sense, something material. But what for me gets even more interesting is what is that area of your life that's messy that maybe relates to other people, right?

[03:05] So perhaps you have a relationship or several relationships right now that just feel really unclear. Maybe, and this I think is true for a lot of us, our work life is a huge, incredible mess. If we're still lucky enough to have some sense of work-life soulmate, so many of us we have no idea what's going to happen in the future. We don't know if we'll be able to return to work or if our businesses are going to reopen again. Perhaps the area of your life that's messy or that feels really challenging to really dig into right now is your financial situation. That's true for me, a hundred percent. I feel like just the thought of tackling our business right now, especially our local business here in Aruba, our studio, it’s been closed for two months. The moment this pandemic started and we had to close the studio, it was kind of like I took the studio and everything related to it and I put it away in a little box and I closed the door and I just haven't unpacked it yet because it's so heavy for me.

[04:09] There's also so many moments and so many things and tasks and things I have to get to. I think our business going into the future, it's going to look completely different and there's been a whole area here that for me feels really messy right now because there are so many unanswered questions and I know what I need to do is get organized and get really clear on what are the things I need to figure out. What are the questions I need to have answered? What do I need help with, right? And how can we prepare to hopefully someday reopen again or maybe just change this business altogether. We don't know. So that is what rings the truest for me right now. But I want you to take a moment to contemplate the messiest area of your life and you'll know when you've hit the right spot.

[04:58] If you get that feeling of like, Oh, I don't even want to go there. Maybe it's a relationship, it's a conversation you don't want to have. Perhaps the area of your life that feels messy right now is how you're taking care of yourself. Maybe self-care has gone out the window, right? Maybe you're not moving her body as much as you normally do. Perhaps you're not feeling good in your body and you want to get back to some sort of routine of taking really good care of yourself. Right? And that's a hard thing to do, especially with so much change. We've all felt depressed and anxious. So take a moment right now and really get to the truth of this matter, right? What is that messy area of your life that you know you need to deal with? So once we have identified that, if you can take a moment, give yourself 10 minutes to journal on it today and at the end of that, finding at least one action item that you can take to help bring about some order.

[05:49] And that can be something as simple as writing out a to-do list. Not even doing the things right, but just writing the list so that at least you have on paper kind of that one through 10, you know, those first 10 steps that you know eventually you're going to need to take to help get that area of your life organized again. There's so much we can do just by kind of opening this little mini Pandora's box that you have going on right now. We all have it. Getting clear and then hopefully taking sometime this week to create order and give yourself a little bit of space right there. If you'd like to share on this topic, I highly encourage it. Finding a family member to share with will help you find even deeper insights. Thank you so much for practicing with me today. Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.

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