The Infinite Power of the Breath favorite_border

Yoga Girl Daily - May 13th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Meditation, Wellbeing Wednesday, Growth

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About the Episode

Imagine your breath has the power to manifest anything you want to cultivate in your life, or clear out anything you need to let go of. Well, it does!

Today’s meditation practice taps into the infinite potential of the breath. With every inhale, you hold the universe. With every exhale, you let it go.

Acceptance lies in the middle.

Tune in to tap into your power and breathe.


[00:04] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily and happy Wednesday! I hope you are having a good day so far. We have hit that point of the middle of the work week. It's hump day and it's time for us to drop in and meditate a little bit. So just wherever you've found yourself in this moment in time, if you can find a comfortable seat, just go ahead and close the eyes and I'm immediately feeling into my own body kind of sensing I need a little stretch. So maybe you want to drop your head one side and then the other. You can roll your shoulders back a couple of times and just allow the body to move into a little bit of movement or wiggling around just so we can settle into that quiet place. And then the moment you can sense yourself arriving, let's take a deep breath. How about imagining that this breath that we're about to take, just all of us together right now, imagining that this breath has the power and the potential to clear out anything from your space that you feel like you want to put down right now. So any emotion, thoughts, worries, anything you feel like you just want to rid yourself of. Just imagine for a moment that this breath has the potential to do that. Okay, so let's make it a really good clearing breath. Inhale in through the nose and then loud and clear, open the mouth… let everything out.

[01:46] Beautiful. And then with that release, just taking a moment to settle here, to linger in this beautiful space that opens up after a conscious moment of release. And sensing right now within yourself what it feels like to be here, to dwell in this place. Something as simple as getting really present and taking a deep clearing breath, it goes such a long way and it's so simple we sometimes forget about it, right? So acknowledging to yourself right now what it feels like to be here in this moment of your day. Just having this little pause, this little moment to close the eyes and ground and connect, and also linking that to what it feels like to arrive to this moment in your life right now.

[02:50] Whichever life situation you have found yourself today. Just a little check-in. What it feels like to be here. In every sense, we have all been through a lot of change and transformation over the past few months, so giving yourself permission right now just to acknowledge whatever is moving through you in this moment. We don't have to deem that positive or negative. It's not good or bad. It just is what it is right now and give yourself a little bit of permission to just feel the way you're feeling right here, right now to breathe the way you're breathing, to sit the way you're sitting, to think what you're thinking, to practice what you're practicing, to learn what you're learning right now and above everything else to really feel what's showing up for you. And the moment I speak those words, for me, I can sense just a little bit of an opening across my chest, across my heart, and sense my shoulders dropping a little bit, just giving myself permission to feel. Also something we take for granted sometimes that it's good to come back a couple times per day to take that clearing breath and to give ourselves permission to feel what we're feeling.

[04:23] We'll take another deep, deep breath, but this time I want you to imagine as if the next big inhale that we're going to take together, as if you could evoke and invite into your space and anything you need right now, whatever it is you're sensing that you need in this moment, whatever you're longing for or craving for or yearning for, imagine that with this big inhale, you have the ability to draw that into your body, into your heart, whatever it is you need. If it's some acceptance of something, gratitude, maybe some joy, some fun, some peace of mind, calm, quiet. Whatever it is you need, let's bring that in. So full, deep inhale in through the nose, invite, linger for a moment, and then through the nose, just very gently exhale it out. You can go ahead and blink your eyes open. Thank you so much for taking these five minutes to practice with me today, to tune in. So happy that you're here. Yoga Girl Daily will be back with some gratitude tomorrow.

[End of Episode]