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Yoga Girl Daily - July 24th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Feel-Good Friday, Self-Love

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About the Episode

After a long week of work, how do you spend your weekend? Is it full of catching up and scheduled plans and to-do lists?

What if you took this weekend to give yourself the gift of real, genuine space?

Tune in today as Rachel shares how to experience the present moment for what it is. You may be surprised with what the universe has in store for you when you don’t have a plan.


[00:04] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily, happy Friday, and welcome to our Feel-Good Friday episode of this week. I genuinely hope you've had a really good week and that you feel ready for the weekend. I know I definitely do. Today, I have a practice or actually a little task in mind just to get us into a space where we can receive a little more of that feel-good vibe, so you can choose if this is something you want to do today or create for yourself throughout the weekend. I want you to give yourself the gift of space, actual genuine space. I think, especially when it's the weekend, we have so many things we always want to fit in in our time off. So especially if you're having a busy workweek, somehow Friday afternoon and evening, and Saturday and Sunday tend to fill up with things that we need to get done.

[00:54] So perhaps the weekend is the only time that you have to do some tasks around the house, or you're trying to squeeze in visit with family and friends or to go out and do fun things. Of course, all in the spirit of enjoyment, right, and being off and having free time. But what I would love for you to do this weekend is give yourself the gift of actual genuine space. Meaning having dedicated time, if you can make it an entire day, that's wonderful, otherwise, at least an entire morning or the entire afternoon where you don't have anything on the agenda at all. And this is actually trickier than it sounds because our agendas tend to sneak up on us, right? Even things that we enjoy and things that we do just for pleasure, they tend to become things that end up with us having to do something or see somebody or have something on the schedule.

[01:42] And what I want to have here is an entire space of time with nothing planned. So getting rid of the to-do list, getting rid of this idea of people that we have to catch up with, or practices that we have to do or things that need to be there for the weekend, and just allowing yourself to have an entire day, if you can, with no plan whatsoever so that you can truly tune into where you want to be, what you want to do, and what serves you in that present moment. You can even call it, this is my day of space. I'm not making any plans at all. You actually open up to something a little more spontaneous than you normally do. There might be a beautiful, surprising moment lingering somewhere in that open space that you just wouldn't have been able to experience if you had your day box in with appointments and meetings and things that you normally do in a weekend.

[02:30] What would it be like to wake up on Sunday morning and have no plan other than to enjoy yourself? What's something totally different than you can just feel into your body in that moment, and maybe give a try, without a plan without structure, without having to think it all the way through, right? Could you get in your car and drive somewhere brand new just to see where that road trip will take you. Can you try, you know, go walking down the street in your city, maybe pick out a brand new restaurant or a place you've never entered before and just go in and give it a try, maybe approach some people to talk to that you normally wouldn't. See if there's something unexpected that you can invite into that day of space.

[03:13] And of course, if what your body is telling you in that moment is to just be totally quiet inside, lay on your couch all day and do nothing. Then that's wonderful too. Point is it's a day of space for you to feel into what you need in that moment. And maybe open up to the potential or possibility of finding something new, right? Making a new friend, finding a new favorite spot to eat, finding a new, amazing place to visit something brand new, that kind of thing that can only really happen when we don't have a plan for ourselves. How does this sound? I get really excited with the thought of this, even though there's a part of me that really likes to plan things out. I like to control my day. I like to know what comes next. I know most of the moments of genuine magic that come my way, come my way when I haven't planned for it. You can't plan for those things to come our way, right? We need the space to be able to actually manifest it. So this weekend, give yourself a day of space, an afternoon of space, some sort of dedicated time for you to just experience the moment as it is. And just to get a little bit curious about what the universe has in store for you next. Wishing you a beautiful, exciting and calm weekend ahead. Thank you so much for tuning in today. Yoga Girl Daily will be back on Monday.

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