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Yoga Girl Daily - June 4th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Thankful Thursday, Gratitude, Friendship

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About the Episode

The most important gratitude practices are the ones that come with action you can take to support the world around you.

Right now, we are bringing all our gratitude, love, kindness and support to the Black community.

There are many ways to show uyour gratitude, and Rachel outlines how you can support through your body, your presence, your money, and your voice.


[00:44] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily and to our gratitude episode of this week. So, it's Thursday and Thursday's here at Yoga Girl Daily means Thankful Thursday, and we always have a gratitude practice specifically today. I love to share different variations of gratitude practices on this show. And my favorite kind is the one that you don't only contemplate and meditate on yourself. But ones that actually come along with some action that you can take in the world around you. And today with everything going on in the world right now, we are definitely going to take today in this moment, this opportunity with this podcast to bring some gratitude, some love, some kindness, and all the support that we have to the Black community in this moment. And I would love for you to take a moment today, to have this gratitude practice actually be anchored for the Black people that you have in your life.

[01:47] So I'm talking about your neighbors, your co-worker, your friend, your loved ones, every person of color that you know, because it is impossible for us as white people to even begin to imagine what this is like for them right now, what they are going through right now, how heavy and traumatic this is to have this in the front of your face, in the front of your vision all day, every day. We can't understand the extent of what this is like. So, what we need to do right now is to show up completely with all of our presence, all of our love, all of our undivided support. Today is a great day to go ask your Black friend, Hey, how can I help you today? Can I help you in any way? Can I be of service to you? Do you need a moment to rest?

[02:33] Can I bring you something? Can I be here in a different way right now? Just showing up for them in every possible way that you can. And what they don't need right now probably is for every white friend they have to come running asking a thousand questions. You know? So if you can keep it to just showing up to be of service, just being there for them right now, bringing them all the gratitude, all the support that you can find within and not so much asking them to help educate you right now, we have big mountains to move right now. There's lots of change happening and the more we can focus our actions around service right now, the better. So, for our gratitude practice today, we are grateful for the Black community. We are dedicating our gratitude today, not just with thoughts and with meditation and with prayer and with feelings, right?

[03:23] But through action. So, what are some actionable ways today that you can show this gratitude, that you can actually show up with a solidarity, with real support. Now, if there are uprisings happening or demonstrations and protests happening in your area, showing up and physically with your body, being there to show your support is a hugely important way to be of service. Now, if you're feeling far away right now, donating to organizations who are doing good work can go a really, really, really long way. Purchasing services and goods from Black owned companies is a really big thing so that we are not just showing up with our thoughts with our prayers, we're showing up with our bodies, with our presence, with our dollars, with our votes, right? If you're in the US this is election year, so important, more important than ever that you vote the right way right now.

[04:16] With gratitude for everyone fighting for justice right now, let's show up in every way we can. Now, if you're listening to this, if you're a white person and you feel triggered or uncomfortable by anything around this conversation, I deeply urge you to take some time to actually learn and maybe unlearn some things that are moving inside of you right now, to read, to listen to podcasts, to read books, to take the courses. There are so many resources available out there. Do the work right now, alongside with showing up and taking action. We're in this together. Thank you so much for listening to Yoga Girl Daily today, I'll be back tomorrow.

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