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Yoga Girl Daily - March 18th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Healing, Meditation, Wellbeing Wednesday

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About the Episode

It is likely that you are experiencing some form of discomfort or uneasiness right now. Today’s meditation practice will help you move through that discomfort - not by escaping it or changing it, but by burning through it.

We are so conditioned to think that we need to feel happy and at peace all the time, but the harder emotions are here for a reason! We need to notice them, witness them, and process them.

Tune in today to use your breath and awareness to bring space into whatever you may be feeling. After a while you will notice your feelings are completely manageable.

In this moment, we are okay.


[00:32] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily and happy Wednesday, you beautiful soul. It is Wellbeing Wednesday today. Every hump day I share a little five-minute meditation here on the Yoga Girl Podcast. I would love to encourage you right now to look back at past episodes. We have so many meditations already recorded there for free, available for everyone, everywhere. So if you feel like you need a little bit of extra grounding, tune into a Wednesday episode but do it every day. Do it every day and then share it with your friends, too.

[01:12] So right now just to prepare for this practice, I want you to find a comfortable place to sit down. Yeah, you can literally relax into your couch. You can lie on the floor if you want. Sit in a chair, sit up right on your yoga mat, whatever is comfortable for where you are, and then immediately closing your eyes and start to take a couple of deep breaths so you can tune into your body. I think it's safe to say that we are all experiencing some sort of discomfort right now. Perhaps feeling a little bit uneasy or anxious or worried or fearful. So taking a moment right now, not to use our meditation practice as a way to escape that or as a way to, you know, entering it with the idea of, Oh, I have to change this state I'm in right now, but actually to allow it for a moment. We are so conditioned to constantly try to make our way back to happy, to make our way back to feeling fine, to make our way back to being great.

[02:11] That we tend to bypass those feelings of uncertainty, of discomfort, of unease, and it's a very important practice that we actually have that habit of processing our emotions, which means we have to acknowledge them, we have to allow them, witness them, notice them and burn through them. So as you are in this moment, just recognizing and noticing whatever feeling of discomfort or unease is present in your body here, now. Notice that without having to shy away or move away from it or try to escape it. Really, really, really get present with what that feels like. Sometimes certain emotions, they begin to linger in different parts of the body. If you would be able to track this feeling that you're experiencing right now to one specific body part, which one would it be? Where is that feeling lingering right now? Could be in your shoulders, maybe in your head, your jaw, your belly. Without judging anything as good or bad, just witness. Just notice.

[03:31] And then what this practice really is about is acknowledging where we are and witnessing that emotion and then using our breath and our awareness to bring some space into that feeling. When we're not acknowledging the fear, but when it's just there as a static or an undercurrent all the time, it starts to grow. You know, if it doesn't have any space, it feels like it begins to almost suffocate us and by witnessing it, by shedding a light on that anxiety or on that fear, we realize that actually maybe it's manageable. Maybe it's possible for you to feel anxiety and also take a deep breath. Maybe it's possible for you to feel fearful and make space for gratitude at the same time. Noticing that the fear is not all there is. Yeah, there's other qualities to this moment too. Other things to notice, to feel into. So using your breath, allowing your next breath in to become the deepest breath of the day. Just breathing some space into whatever it is you're feeling here, now. Open the mouth and let a bit of that emotion go. Let's do that again. Breathing space into that emotion, inhale. Open the mouth and let some of that fear out.

[05:16] Let's do that one more time. Deepest breath yet. Inhale, fill up. Make the space. Open the mouth and let something go. Letting your shoulders drop, letting your belly soften.

[05:40] Bringing your awareness to that sensation of space within the body and noticing what else is present. Acknowledging the challenging or uncomfortable emotion, but then seeing and checking in for what else is there. What does it feel like to be here right now? Listening to these words, what is it like to take those deep breaths, to feel that feeling of aliveness within yourself? Inviting a little more space for a feeling of calm to enter your body right now. Perhaps in the beginning, that feeling of calm, it's just a little sliver, but focusing on your awareness on that. Breathing more space in and around that and letting a feeling of calm wash over you from head to toe. Know that in this moment, in every moment, you are safe here. It is safe to be here. We are okay. Take another deep breath in and out and blink the eyes open. Thank you so much for joining me for this short practice today. Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.

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