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Yoga Girl Daily - August 26th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Wellbeing Wednesday, Meditation

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About the Episode

In today’s meditation you will use the connection of your body and breath to move inward toward your heart.

There is a place within each of us without labels and judgement - a place where we can simply be. Your connection to that inner world can be found through embracing yourself as you are.

Tune in to connect with your deeper self.


[00:57] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily and happy Wednesday, everybody! It's time for our meditation practice of this week. So, let's find a comfortable seat, and honestly, if you're feeling tired and you want to lay all the way down, go ahead, just give yourself a little bit of extra support to meet your needs today. And then when you have that comfortable place, whether you're lying down or sitting up, we'll go ahead and close the eyes. Let's take a full deep breath in through the nose, all the way down to the low belly, and take a moment to pause, just holding that breath in for a moment and then open the mouth and let all of it go. Let's do that two more times. So, inhale in through the nose, see if he can bring that breath a little bit deeper down toward the belly. Pause to hold and let it out. One last time. See if you can make this the deepest breath you've taken all day long. So inhale, fill up, pause, and this time, if you have a little more space, go ahead and sip in just a tiny bit more air, and let it go.

[02:35] And then bring the breath back in through the nose and take a moment just to settle deeply into the body right now. Noticing what it feels like to be here in this moment today. Checking in with your body, the energy level you're experiencing right now. If you're feeling energized or tired, maybe a place right in between. Checking in with your heart for a moment, if you're feeling joyful or sad or perhaps somewhere right between the two. And then wherever you are at in this moment, we’ll allow the breath to grow just a little bit deeper so that we can get to a place beyond what we're fleetingly experiencing now. So, bring your awareness all the way toward the center of your own being. See if you can slow everything down just a little bit more. We all have that place deep within us, where we don't depend on the duality of feeling good or feeling bad or being energized or tired, but that place deep within where everything just is where we can settle deeply into the now and experience this moment rather than judging it or labeling it from the outside.

[04:07] So, if you get so very present in your body right now, if you get totally present with your breath and you just witness from within what is unfolding in this moment. Noticing any thoughts that might be passing through your mind and then bring your awareness back to the body. Noticing any sensations that you're experiencing right now, any emotions that you're experiencing right now, sensing that connection that you have to the chair or the earth beneath you. Letting everything slow down just a little bit more. Perhaps your just dipping your toes into that place of quiet within, that's okay, but recognizing and honoring the fact that there is a quiet place within you and perhaps just what you need today is to give yourself just a few more opportunities to meet that place of silence.

[05:27] Sensing now how the breath has slowed down a little bit, perhaps you even have more space between all of your thoughts, a little more of a gap between that chatter of the mind. Dwell there for a moment in the place in between, the silence that arises between thoughts, the silence that happens between breaths. That beautiful quiet that's present when you align your body with your heart with your mind. And taking a moment just to deeply appreciate this silence the way it is with everything it's brought you right now. And let's take one more deep, long breath in, and through the nose gently exhale. If you'd like to linger in the space for a few more minutes, feel free to stay just the way you are. Eyes closed, here now. Thank you so much for joining me for this practice today. Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.

[End of Episode]