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Yoga Girl Daily - August 10th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Make It Happen Monday, Intention Setting

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About the Episode

What helps you feel stable, safe and grounded? What resources allow you to reclaim your sense of peace?

Many of us have not acknowledged the fear we are feeling in the current world climate. As time goes on, we are talking about it less and dismissing it more.

This week’s intention will help you reclaim your body and your home as a safe space. In practice, this looks different for all of us!

Tune in to learn the changes you need to make - they may not be what you are expecting.


[00:05] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily! Happy Monday, everyone, and welcome to our intention setting practice of this week. I hope you've had a good weekend. For me, it's been absolutely a whirlwind of a week. We went from having no cases whatsoever of coronavirus in Aruba where I live, to hundreds and hundreds of cases in just a couple of days. So, as I found myself kind of thrown back into that first feeling of panic when coronavirus first came our way, I am realizing that something that I've been really missing over these past couple of days that I really want to anchor into as an intention for this week, that I really believe is so important for all of us, is our sense of safety. I think we don't think about it as much anymore because this pandemic has really become a new normal for so many of us. We're used to navigating this every day, but we forget, I think at times, just how much fear actually lies at the bottom, at the base, and at the foundation of all of these things that's going on in the world right now.

[01:09] And I think for a lot of us as well, we're not talking about that fear as much. And I think by not being super aware of the fact that maybe we're not feeling safe in our bodies all the time, we also dismiss it in a way. So if lately you've been feeling anxious or worried, or maybe feeling depressed or low or a little bit scattered, or maybe even numb, or if you found yourself engaging in behaviors that numb you more than you normally do, all of this can relate back to a sense of feeling absolutely unsteady in this world. That lack of safety, of actually a feeling totally unsafe right now. So I want to set an intention for all of us, whether or not you're in a place where, you know, coronavirus kind of has passed its peak and things are getting better every day.

[02:03] Or if you're in a place where things seem to be getting worse right now, making it a priority this week to look for safe spaces, to make your whole life, your home, your body, a sacred, safe space for you to rest in. So, our intention for this week is this: This week I will make my sense of safety my number one priority. This week, I will make my sense of safety my number one priority. Now, in practice, this is going to look a little bit different for each of us. I want you to take a moment today to sit down, close your eyes, feel into the body and ask yourself, what helps me feel safe in life? What are some resources that I have available to me that helped me feel grounded and at peace in my life? And when I'm in those moments of total unsteadiness, and I feel like everything is sort of crumbling. What helps me regain that sense of calm?

[02:59] How can I reclaim my life, my body as a safe space right now. And I think actually practicing this in our day to day life, sometimes it will involve quitting certain things or avoiding certain things. And sometimes it will involve adding or including certain things into your life. An example of this, for me, this goes from my personal life. I know I have a direct correlation to my sense of panic or that feeling of not being safe to how much of the news I ingest every single day. So if I'm having a week where I really feel unsafe, where I am not sleeping well, where I'm really worried all day, every day, I know by now watching the news every day is not helpful anymore. I can trust at this moment in time that if there is something absolutely crucial that I need to know, I'm going to find out, you know, my husband is going to tell me or my friends are going to tell me, it's okay.

[03:52] I don't need to listen to or watch the news every day if it makes me feel more unsafe Maybe actually this week would be a really good week to not take in any more fear in terms of whatever it is you are ingesting or listening to or reading from the media. So, maybe taking a whole week just to be off of those things, to not go to those news channels, to not learn even more about coronavirus. You know, we all know the basics, how to, you know, minimize and kind of stop this pandemic as much as we can. We know already what to do, right? Social distance, wash your hands, all of these things. What would it be like to have an entire week away from the news if you tend to watch the news a lot, right? So, that's one example, right? Perhaps you have a person in your life that you know kind of helps to add on that feeling of worry inside of you.

[04:39] You know, that friend that's just constantly talking about the thing that makes you really worried. Maybe this week is a good week to distance from them a little bit more, or just telling them, Hey, when we talk about this all the time, it doesn't help me. It's not helpful. Can we please talk about something else? So, deciding for yourself, if you have something in your life that you can quit or pause or do less of this week to feel safer in your daily life. And then perhaps there is something you can add, right? I know for me, when I do a calm grounding meditation, so not just the dynamic and active meditations that I've been doing every day, but a meditation like a Kundalini meditation or a shaking meditation, or just sitting down in silence, closing my eyes and taking 10 minutes to focus on my breath. That feeling of returning to the present moment, that action, that practice helps me feel safe in my body. So, this week I will definitely be doing more of that. Take a moment today to decide what you are quitting or moving away from this week and what you are adding and doing more of this week, and then really focus on creating safe spaces for you to rest and relax in every single day. Wishing you a beautifully safe and calm week ahead. Thank you so much for listening. Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.

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