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Yoga Girl Daily - August 19th 2019

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Intention Setting, Make It Happen Monday

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About the Episode

With a clean slate ahead, Monday is the perfect day to anchor into what you’re looking to create this coming week.

Think of today as a brand new beginning, and commit to a clear intention to keep you grounded and inspired all week long.

Tune in to set your intention right now!


[00:04] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily and happy Monday everyone! I am so excited, so stoked, so completely over the moon to officially launch this daily podcast. You'll get to chat with me, tune in with me every single day, Monday through Friday, and the fact that we get to kick this show off with Make It Happen Monday is just so unbelievably perfect. I don't know about you, but Mondays for me have been kind of a struggle in the past. Mondays do have a little bit of a bad rap. You know, the weekend's over, we have a full work week ahead of us. It might feel like this long road and Monday is just the first step. Here's the thing, just like with every single thing in life this day will be exactly what you make it. You have so much power over what these days ahead are going to be filled with. What if you had the potential to fill this week with anything you want?

[00:55] Just think about that. Think about the limitless potential that lies ahead. How about we make Mondays become our new absolute favorite day of the week? I feel like Monday needs a little revamping, a little rebranding. We just, we have this limitless week ahead of us. Let's take today as an amazing opportunity to set a super strong intention for the coming days ahead. It's not just any old Monday you guys, it's actually Make It Happen Monday! Also, today, it's a cliché, but I love the saying: “Today is the first day of the rest of your life”. What kind of life are you looking to create? If we think about it, our lives are a string of weeks, a string of Mondays tied together to a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, and all of a sudden, it's Monday again. So, let's get super serious and positive about today and have it be a day of opportunity instead of feeling bummed about a new week.

[01:46] So let's think about that for a moment. What would you like this week to entail? Really, what are you creating? What are you focusing on? What are you releasing? Get really clear with what you want this week to bring by setting an intention to anchor you through every single day this week. So, let's today carve out a little bit of time for yourself to connect with and find an intention. Only you know exactly what you need right now. And my biggest tip for setting an intention is to go by feeling. So just feeling into your heart space for a moment… What do you need so you can go ahead and do that. Let's just place a hand to the heart, close the eyes just for a few moments. What do you need right now? What's missing? What's lacking? Let's take a really full deep breath all the way into the center of the heart…

[02:36] Open the mouth and let it go. Let's go ahead and open the eyes. So, if like me, you've been feeling really busy, maybe a little bit overwhelmed, perhaps what you need right now is a calm, grounded, centered week ahead. If you've been feeling a little bit sluggish, a little low, maybe what you need, some motivation and energy, right? So, figure out what's lacking, what's missing, what do you need more of, and then incorporate that into her really solid commitment. Set your intention by completing the following sentence: “This week I commit to…”. Super simple, right? “This week I commit to…”, here's an example. This week I commit to making space for rest and relaxation. Every day of this week, I commit to moving my body, or this week I commit to getting things done. This week I commit to being kind to myself. This week I commit to making space for self-love. This week I commit to having fun every day, something that you're missing, right?

[03:37] Incorporate that into a super clear statement. “This week I commit to...”. Once you have that intention, once you feel super clear about your intention, I want you to speak it out loud. Write it on a sticky note, lay a little post it, put it on your fridge, your bathroom mirror, in your car, somewhere you know you're going to see it every single day or better yet, post about it on social media. Tell your best friend, tell someone in your family. Just voicing our intentions keeps us super accountable and helps us stay connected to it throughout the entire week. So, every day, and especially when the going gets tough, if you have a low day or anything like that, remind yourself of this intention and then have your actions aligned with bringing about more of that energy into your life. You got this. My intention this week is, “I commit to balancing effort and ease”. I struggle with striking that balance between work and rest, so that's what I'll be reminding myself of every single day. Now, what's your intention? I can't wait to find out. Thank you so much for listening to this first episode of Yoga Girl Daily. I hope you have a beautiful day and that you truly make things happen today. Tune in tomorrow for the next episode of Yoga Girl Daily.

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