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Yoga Girl Daily - September 7th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Make It Happen Monday, Intention Setting, Lifestyle

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About the Episode

This week’s intention is inspired by Jay Shetty and has the potential to change your life.

Whatever practice you are looking to cultivate is affected by where you do it and what time you do it. How can you apply these tips in your self-care practice?

Tune in to find out!


[00:47] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily! Happy Monday, everybody. It's a brand new week. It's time for us to set our intention for the week ahead. I feel really excited, I recorded an amazing podcast together with Jay Shetty just last week, where it was released last week. And I feel so inspired by a couple of things that he shared with me on the podcast. One of those things was, and you're going to want to remember this because this is a big one: Location has energy and time has memory, meaning that where we do what we do around our house and in our home really matters because there's a certain energy that is developed in the certain areas of our house. And time has memory, meaning that the time that we do these certain things are actually memorized by the body. So how can we apply this in our lives when it comes to, for instance, our self-care practices?

[01:42] If time has memory, that means that we need to do our self-care practices at the same time, every single day. And if location has energy, we need to decide on an area in our homes where we do that self-care practice and always have it be in that same place. So, that's exactly what I want our intention to be for this week. We are going to get really serious with the self-care rituals that we have in our day to day. And we're going to make sure that we carve out the space and the exact time to do it. And we're going to stick to these rituals every single day, all week and for the rest of the year.

[02:33] To begin, I want you to decide what is that number one self-care practice that you have that you know makes the biggest impact in your life. And I mean, maybe you have a ton of things, maybe a few things that you string together every day or every week, or all throughout the day or all throughout the week. For me, it is my meditation practice and the harder things get in my life the more I'm able to anchor back into my meditation, which really right now is what's saving me throughout some pretty hard times. So, when it comes to location, having energy and time having memory for me, committing to one single space in my house where I meditate every day and then not changing that up. For me, it's this little upstairs space that I have, I call it my sanctuary and actually decided on a specific area in the room where I sit down on my meditation cushion every single day and I don't change that.

[03:25] And maybe for you, there's a specific little nook or a corner in your house or a specific chair or a place where you roll out your yoga mat or, you know, finding that specific, special area of your home for that practice. And then time having memory, right? That I do my meditation practice at the exact same time every single day. So, it becomes one of those things where it's just ingrained in our system. I wake up in the morning, I go upstairs, I sit down on my cushion and I meditate for 15 minutes at the same time, every single morning. So, I want you to define today, what is that self-care practice that you know is changing or maybe saving your life right now, that thing that you really need to stick to. Decide for a specific area in your house and your home, where you're going to anchor into this practice.

[04:17] And perhaps you need to make some changes around this area of your house this week to really prepare it for that ritual, right? And then pick a time and return to that place at the same time every day. So, this week we get really serious with our self-care rituals, especially when it comes to the time and the place. We all know that it's not that once in a blue moon yoga practice that you do, or, you know, whatever practice you have that is really important to you for your wellbeing. It's not that once in a while thing that you do that actually helps you feel good in your life. It's the thing you do every day, right? So I'm a big believer of, I would rather do 15 minutes of yoga every day than do a 90-minute big sweaty class once a week.

[05:04] Because it is the ritual of having at least one moment of my day, where I get to anchor into my body, feel into my breath and come back home to myself. That has to happen every day. So, let's get really serious with this as a ritual. Every single day, where are you practicing in your home and what time and can you get disciplined with it and come back to it again and again all week? And then maybe at the end of the week, come Friday, we can evaluate a little bit how we're feeling in terms of our rituals right now. So, wishing you a week of taking really good care of yourself and setting that ritual so that this with time becomes something that's really easy to do every day, right? It should be like brushing your teeth. You just take care of yourself every day. Thanks so much for tuning in! Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.

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