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Yoga Girl Daily - June 25th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Thankful Thursday, Gratitude

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About the Episode

Today’s practice focuses on infusing that special area of your home with an energy of gratitude.

Take a moment to reflect on the most sacred part of your house. It can be a room, a corner, or even your favorite chair! Why is it so special to you, and do you cherish it for all it brings?

Tune in as Rachel shares her ritual for infusing her own sacred space with gratitude - the key is to be present.


[01:13] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily, happy Thursday, and welcome to our gratitude practice of this week. Today for our gratitude practice, I want to focus and center some gratitude around a specific area in our home. And the reason I feel really inspired for this right now is because I have personally created a change in my own house and have found myself with this beautiful space that is dedicated just for me. And it's just, it used to be a little guest room. And right now it's where I record this podcast. I'm sitting in this room right now. It's where I meditate every day, it’s where I roll out my mat to practice every day. And it's become this dreamy little space where I actually get to come and feel inspired every day. And I would love for you to take a moment today, just to kind of scan through your house a little bit.

[02:17] We all have that one special area of our house. It doesn't have to be an entire room, it can be a little nook, it can even be a chair. It can be a favorite part of your couch in your living room. It could be your bed. Maybe it's outside of your house. It's your front or backyard. It's a garden. I want you to take a moment just to acknowledge a certain area of your home that is deeply special to you. And perhaps it's one of those areas where you're actually not super present around the fact that this is an important part of your life. Perhaps you have a natural place of your house, where you come to read, where you come to practice yoga, where you come journal. Something that actually is really sacred, but maybe you're taking it for granted. And having this practice of gratitude around this area of our house today can also act as inspiration to take extra good care of this part of your home, to continue infusing it with really good vibrations and maybe to create a little more space for this area of your home to expand in different ways.

[03:24] So taking a moment right now, just to close your eyes and feel into the body a little bit. Let's take a deep, deep breath. Exhale it out. And then right now, just bringing all of your attention, all of your awareness toward the most special part of your home and notice right away where your mind takes you. It could be a place that's unexpected. It could be a part of your home that maybe you are taking for granted, you know, and take a moment just to notice what is it that's special that unfolds in this part of your house? Maybe it's your bathroom, right? Maybe it's your bathtub. You have sacred moments of self-care taking baths every week, or maybe it's a special piece of furniture where you spend some time. Take a moment just to really, to yourself right now acknowledge a sacred area of your home, where beautiful moments unfold for you, and then taking a deep breath right there.

[04:35] When you open your eyes back up, I want you to take a moment today to physically go spend some time in this area of your house. So if it's a little nook or an entire room, to go sit there and spend some time actually infusing the space with gratitude and you can do this in a really physical sense. So here's what I have done with the space that I'm in right now that I am so grateful for every day, is I'll physically go and connect the palms of my hands to each wall of this room. And with every wall, I'll take a moment, close my eyes and just repeat out loud. Thank you. When I do that in the beginning, I feel a little bit silly though. I'm having a conversation with an actual wall, but there's something deeply sacred and deeply beautiful about that, about actually giving things to these four walls of our house, right?

[05:30] To really acknowledge that, Hey, there is something beautiful around this little nook, about this room, and it's giving me so much every day. This room that I'm in right now, it holds space for me to record these podcasts every day. It's where I come to journal and to write, it’s where I come to dream. It's where I come to practice yoga, to move my body, to cry when I'm having a hard day. These four walls are so sacred and every time I come here, I say, thank you out loud, I make that vibration even higher. Right? I get to infuse the space with even more beauty just by saying thank you. So do that today. Infuse that space of your house with some extra gratitude, and don't take the space for granted. Thank you so much for putting this moment of gratitude into action today and wishing you many more beautiful moments in this part of your home. Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.

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