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Yoga Girl Daily - September 25th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Self-Love, Feel-Good Friday

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About the Episode

Is there something in your home that needs fixing and bugs you on a daily basis?

You may not have fun during today’s self-care practice, but you will feel great after it’s done - we are going to fix the broken thing!

Removing anything from your to-do list, no matter how tiny, is guaranteed to lower stress and improve your day.

Tune in to get started.


[00:44] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily! Happy Friday everyone, and welcome to our Feel-Good practice of this week. I am sitting here smiling right now because the feel-good practice that I have in store for you, I already know it's something about half of you are going to love and half of you are going to be like, Oh no, but all of us are going to feel so great after this is done. Today, and maybe leading into the weekend a little bit, I want you to fix something that's broken. And I'm not talking about a broken heart, I'm not talking about a messed-up relationship, I'm not talking about any of these big existential things that we are pondering all the time, because I know so much feels like it's broken right now, all around us. I want you to literally go into your house, into your home, take a look around and fix something that needs fixing. So, that might mean that this weekend you take on a tiny little home improvement project, right? We all have those things around our house that just aren't working and we just let them stay that way, and we procrastinate fixing that thing because fixing that thing might require you to have to call like a handyman or handywoman, or might require you to like go to the hardware store or looking something up online or asking someone for help or figuring something out.

[02:08] Not everyone is like me, but I feel like whenever it comes to home improvement stuff or handywork… it's all Greek to me. Literally give me any problem but ask me to frame a painting or ask me to like, hang something on the wall or put a screw into the wall, and I am just going to sit on the floor and cry. I can't do it. So, what happens in my life is I procrastinate a lot of stuff that needs fixing. And we all do this in different ways, right? Perhaps you have one of those favorite pieces of clothing, but it has a little area that's like a tiny bit broken or needs to be taken in or taken out. It needs to be altered in some way. And you know that you love this piece of clothing, but it needs to be fixed. So then you never wear it, right?

[02:50] Well, today's the day you actually take that thing to the tailor or ask someone you know, who knows how to sew to fix it for you, or if you know how to do it yourself, do it yourself. So, let's take a look around, chances are that that thing that needs fixing you know exactly what it is. And it's probably something that bugs you at least at some point every day or a couple of times a week, right? Tiny things like does your TV remote need new batteries? I bet. I bet it does. I bet it does. I bet there's something really convenient that you could fix right now that would improve your life, take some stress out of your day, and of course, most important of all remove it from your scope of things that need to be done.

[03:33] So, today we stopped procrastinating and we fix something broken. It can be something really small. It can be something really big. You choose how far you want to go with this, but there's nothing kind of like that feeling of actually having taken care of something that we knew we had to take care of. And I think quarantine time, at least that intensity of quarantine that we had earlier this year is kind of over. So, perhaps our houses and our homes, you know, they could use a little bit extra love and care right now. We all had that really intense month where we all fixed everything in our house. And now things are getting a little more back to normal. So, take care of your home, fix something that's broken. You're going to feel so good at the end of it. And then maybe it will give you a little more energy and space left over in the day to actually focus on the big things that matter like that heart of yours, like that important relationship. Like all of those big existential things that we are dealing with all the time. Don't let your TV remote bug you anymore. Go change those batteries. Thank you so much for tuning in with me today. I hope you have a really wonderful weekend ahead. I hope you fix a bunch of stuff and by Monday you feel totally free and awesome. I love you, and I'll see you Monday.

[End of Episode]