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Yoga Girl Daily - September 10th 2019

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Healing, Tune-In Tuesday

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About the Episode

Today our practice of self-reflection revolves around the topic of fear.

While fear is a completely natural emotion, it tends to put us on edge. Fear is scary, after all!

If we aren’t conscious about how it plays out or we don’t know where it stems from, it can take over and inhibit us from living the life we want and deserve.

In which way is fear holding you back? And what would you do if that fear didn’t exist?


[00:40] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily and happy Tuesday, everyone! Today is Tune-In Tuesday. I don't want to say that I have a favorite day of the week when it comes to our Yoga Girl Daily topics, but I am quite partial to Tuesdays and Tune-In Tuesdays. This practice of self-reflection, of taking a moment to tune into myself to see how I'm feeling, maybe finding a topic to inquire on and then doing a sharing on that topic - it's literally my favorite practice! It's my favorite self-care practice, something that's so, so, so important to me in my life. I feel so happy that I get to share it with you. Today for Tune-In Tuesday, we're going to talk a little bit about fear. Fear is one of those things that, for some of us just hearing the word fear makes us a little bit woooo! It doesn't make us feel very good.

[01:39] Some of us feel like, you know, fears are meant to be conquered and overcome and we feel strong around the idea of fear, but fear is something that is totally natural. We all feel fear and experience fears in different ways in our lives. However, it's one of those things that if we're not conscious with how fear is playing out in our lives and we don't actually know where it comes from or where it applies and appears in our lives, it could be something that actually takes over and inhibits us from living the kind of life that we actually want and deserve. So I want to take a moment just to connect to the breath, to the body, so that we can move a little bit deeper into this topic and maybe figure out where and if in our lives fear it might be holding us back. So let's go ahead and close the eyes. Take a moment to place the palms of your hands to your heart so you can really tune into that emotional center where we feel so, so much. Let's take a really full breath in through the nose. Out through the mouth.

[02:44] And the topic for today is this: “If I wasn't fearful, I would…”. “If I wasn't fearful, I would…”. Take a moment to just to feel in that space beneath your hands, right at the center of the heart. How has that sentence resonating in your body right now? If I wasn't fearful, I would… In which way is fear playing out in your life? In which way is fear holding you back? So imagining and envisioning a life where you felt absolutely no fear whatsoever. Fear didn't hold you back at all. The thing that you worry about or feel anxious about... if it wasn't a problem, if it wasn't the case, what would your life look like? If I wasn't fearful, I would… You can see how far or how deep you want to move with that. Perhaps there is a really deep, serious answer to that question.

[03:46] If I wasn't fearful, I would leave a relationship or maybe let go of a friend or if I wasn't fearful, I would quit my job. If I wasn't fearful, I would travel the world. If I wasn't fearful, I would, you know, try something different. Get out of my comfort zone, go for that dream that I always wanted to manifest. If I wasn't fearful, I would… Perhaps there's a different layer to that question as well. If it wasn't fearful, I would never wear makeup. If I wasn't fearful, I would stop shaving my legs. If I wasn't fearful, I would get off of social media. If I wasn't fearful, I would speak my mind. If I wasn't fearful, I would… I'll take a moment just to feel into that and finding your own answer and sight of your own heart. How is fear holding you back? Fear can be that little whisper of a voice in the back of your head telling you that you can't, that it's too big, too scary, not for you.

[04:43] Well, what if that voice wasn't there? What would your life look like? What would you do? What would you grasp? What would you create? What would you go for? If I wasn't fearful, I would… For me, I tend to come back to similar answers every time I do this practice, but if I wasn't fearful, I would be a way more laid-back mom. A lot of my fears are centered around my daughter and her wellbeing and I think I spent a lot of time focused on that fear of what would happen if she wasn't okay and if I didn't lead with that fear all the time, I think I would be more relaxed in this role of motherhood. I think motherhood would feel a little bit lighter if there was no fear there. So taking a really deep breath in and out, answering that question for yourself.

[05:36] If I wasn't fearful, I would… You can go ahead and open the eyes and then how you answer this question is totally up to you. I really recommend finding a friend to share with on this topic. You can also journal on this topic. If I wasn't fearful, I would… Just start writing and see what comes. Sharing with someone that you have in your life is a really great way to get to a deeper layer of truth when it comes to answering this question. Perhaps you want to share it with someone, maybe with social media, someone that you know, someone that you trust, you choose! It’s totally up to you. Once we identify that fear and can actually envision what our life would be like without it, we start opening all of these beautiful doors to perhaps acting in a different way or perhaps looking that fear square in the eye and doing that thing that you want to do anyway. Thank you so much for listening in today. I'm wishing you a fearless day ahead and I'll see you tomorrow.

[End of Episode]