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Yoga Girl Daily - October 22nd 2019

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Healing, Tune-In Tuesday

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About the Episode

Today’s self-inquiry practice flips the script we play in our head.

So often, we focus on what we lack, what we believe we can’t do, and failures we think we have experienced in life. But today, we are focusing on everything we’ve done, all we’ve accomplished, and the mountains we’ve climbed.

What have you overcome that was really, really hard? Write it down, fill the page, and come back to it again and again.

You’ve made it through everything hard that has come your way so far.

You deserve a medal for that!


[00:04] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily and happy Tuesday, you guys! It's Tune-In Tuesday today, which means it's time for a little bit of self-reflection and self-inquiry. Today's theme is inspired by one of my great, great friends, Jen Pastiloff, and it's something that she does in her retreats and her workshops and something that I actually love to do for myself, especially on those days when I'm feeling like I'm putting myself down a lot. And I think we all go through those moments. And sometimes it's just a moment. Sometimes it's a day. It could be weeks. If we're having a really tough time for a long time where we put ourselves down or where we judge ourselves really harshly, or maybe we can only see the things that we feel like we're doing wrong or in the ways we're lacking, instead of seeing all the things that we're actually doing super, super well in life. And this practice is called “I deserve a medal for…”. So, what have you accomplished in life? What have you done? Or maybe more importantly, what have you overcome and made it through that you deserve a medal for? I just love this exercise so much so that I come up with different answers every time I do it, but let's take a moment to close the eyes. You can place your hands to your heart just for a moment to connect right here and let's take a really deep belly breath. Inhale and exhale.

[01:31] I deserve a medal for… What have you made it through in your life that was really, really hard? What was that dark heavy, tough time in your life that maybe there was a moment you didn't think you would actually make it through? What is that absolutely challenging thing that you did or maybe that thing that everyone told you that you couldn't do, but you did it anyway? What is the mountain that you climbed? The thing you overcame, persevered, pushed through? You deserve a medal for what?

[02:07] I deserve a medal for giving birth, man. Every woman out there who's ever birthed a child deserves a medal for giving birth. I deserve a medal for making it through that one single year in my life where I lost my best friend, my dog, and my grandma all in one year. I deserve a really big medal for that. That was a really, really hard year.

[02:33] I deserve a medal for pushing through and following my dream of leaving my home country behind to travel the world. Even though every single person I knew told me I was crazy and I'd never make it, and I'll be back home within a week. What do you deserve a medal for? Let's sit with that for a second. What is the thing that you made it through, that thing that may be in a way brought you right here? Feeling into your heart…

[03:01] And you can imagine an award ceremony in your name. What does that medal for? And here's the thing, there's no limits to how many medals you can give yourself. There are limitless, but you'll know that it's real when you really feel that kind of stirring inside of your heart of, man, I can't believe I did that, man. I can't believe I climbed that mountain. I overcame that depression. I quit that job. I left that relationship or I started that relationship. I had that baby. I tried that thing. I tried and I failed and I got back up. I tried and I failed and still I got back up. I deserve a medal for… Let's take another really deep breath in. Open your mouth and exhale it out…

[03:57] And as you open your eyes, I would love to invite you to move really deeply into this inquiry today. By writing this down, you can start at the top of a brand new page in your notebook and literally write it out. I deserve a medal for… And then keep writing until you've filled that page with things that you have overcome, things that you have made it through, things that you have accomplished, created, done, fixed, made happen, and then read it to yourself and have it be that thing, that practice that you come back to again and again, especially when you're having a hard time. Thank you so much for practicing with me today and thank you Jen for inspiring this beautiful exercise. Thank you everyone for listening. Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.

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