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Yoga Girl Daily - May 29th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Feel-Good Friday, Meditation, Healing

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About the Episode

This week’s feel-good practice is one that Rachel naturally turns toward whenever she is having a hard day. It is a simple, easy, magical practice that takes only 5 minutes!

Here’s a hint: it involves your favorite song turned up as loud as it can go, letting the music take over, being in your body, and not caring what you look like.

If you guessed dance party - you are right!

Tune in for a feel-good practice that will turn your entire day around.


[00:04] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily, happy Friday and welcome to our Feel-Good Friday of the week. I am really excited about this practice today. This, what we're going to do right now, it's something that I naturally turn toward whenever I'm having a hard day and having this as a practice that we come back to, you know, at specific moments of our week, it's just a really great way to automatically access that feel-good vibe. Today for our Feel-Good Friday practice, we are going to have a mini dance party. I'm really excited. This is the easiest, for me really, I cannot think of any easier way to turn a day around or for me to go from feeling low to feeling fine again. There's something so magical and also so simple and so easy about cranking up the volume of your favorite song right now, just as loud as it goes in your house and then giving yourself five minutes or however long that song is to just dance like a crazy person around your living room or your bedroom or your kitchen or wherever you are.

[01:16] This is, it's like I'm smiling just thinking about it. It's so easy and it works so well. You know, there's something about dancing on our own without anybody watching, without this idea of being out dancing with someone. It's like you're just allowing your body to move the way it wants to move. It's like dancing the way we liked to move when we were kids without feeling looked at. It's just allowing ourselves to be in the body. When I do these little dance parties, I often do them on my own, like I'll often crank up just one really good dance song on Spotify. If you search on the Yoga Girl Spotify account, I have a playlist called Dance Party just filled with really good songs to dance it out. Where if you want that, if you want some new inspiration, that's right over there, but I often do it by myself, right?

[02:02] Just turn up the volume really high. Take a moment, close my eyes. I place my hands on my heart, take a breath, and then I just start moving my body. And oftentimes I'll just do the whole thing with eyes closed if I have the space around me, of course depends a little bit on where I am. But if I have the space, like in my living room, I have a lot of space, I'll close my eyes and I'll just shake it out. And there's usually that moment around like halfway through the song where I completely am able to stop thinking about whatever it is that I've been pondering that day or whatever issue or problem or whatever it was that made me feel low, right? And the music just takes over and your body just takes over and I'm just smiling, dancing, you know? And it's beautiful and it's weird and it's wonderful and I so want you to do this today.

[02:51] Of course, if you have people in your house, like I do this often with Lea Luna, sometimes with Dennis. He's not huge on dancing, on dancing in this way with us. But sometimes with Dennis too, with Lea Luna, oftentimes like we'll put on her favorite song. Usually it's Taylor Swift or Frozen and just go crazy. You know, it takes five minutes is all is all it takes. And I literally can go from feeling like crap to feeling amazing. So decide if you want to invite someone to join you for this little dance party. But actually I find that when you are on your own, it is a little easier to go all the way into full intimacy, right? Or if you are with a child that's also easy because children are just so easy to be yourself around, right? You can access that inner toddler, that inner weird side of you that you know everybody has, right? So let it become almost like a meditation. But just having fun. Take your shoes off, put on your favorite song and dance. Such a fun way to enter the weekend. I really hope you get to ride this feel-good wave all weekend long. Have a beautiful dance party and I'll be back on Monday.

[End of Episode]