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Yoga Girl Daily - June 5th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Being of Service, Growth, Feel-Good Friday, Yoga

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About the Episode

What is a self-care practice that you come back to again and again? Yoga? Meditation?

Today, our actionable self-care exercise is one that you do often, but seek out a Black teacher to guide you instead.

The wellness industry is dominated by white people in the media and online, and we are missing out on so much knowledge because of it. Rachel shares some of her favorite yoga teachers in the Black community and how you can support them with your voice and your dollars.


[00:04] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily and welcome to our self-care practice of the week. So, it's Friday, today and Fridays, we normally do something actionable around self-care. We have the theme for this day is Feel-Good Friday and I love to leave all of you guys with something actionable that we can bring into the weekend to help us feel good. Now, this being the Yoga Girl Podcast, I know so many of you listening are in the yoga world. You're practicing yoga or meditation. You're into mindfulness, wellness. You're looking to find balance and happiness in your life. And today I want to dedicate this episode and leave you with the action to take some time out of your day today, to actively seek out Black teachers who teach and share their information and teachings around that thing that you love to practice every day. Meaning if you’re a yogi and you practice yoga all the time, to actually look for the people of color who are teaching yoga in your area.

[01:01] If you're meditating, you take a meditation class every week, you go to a meditation studio or a space like that, that you actually take some time to seek out similar types of teachers, but from the Black community who are offering those services as well. We all know the wellness industry is extremely dominated by white people. It is a very white dominant space and actually taking the time to do the tiny little bit of work that it's going to take for you to seek out Black teachers in this space. There are amazing people out there doing this amazing kind of work and chances are that the teachers that you're practicing with right now are white, knowing that the majority of teachers in this space actually are. It's also who we see represented in magazines and in the online space as well. So, doing a little bit of research around that right now. Google is your friend here, right?

[01:50] So it's super easy for you to input your location, your city plus yoga teacher of color, you know, so, so, so easy to find people in your actual area who offer amazing classes that you are going to love. Now, if you're in a space right now where you're not practicing physically, you're not going to studios. Many of us are, you're taking classes online while you are in luck, because there are literally limitless resources out there. And so many amazing teachers to learn from, amazing classes to take, and supporting teachers from the Black community, not just with our voices, but with our dollars is a hugely important thing to do. And what a fantastic way to learn from different kinds of people, right? To find different variations of teachings, to open yourself up to actually learning something new, right? It's actually very easy to get into a rut with a teacher that we have.

[02:41] You know, if you've been practicing the same kind of yoga with the same teacher for a really long time, it's a good thing to get out there and look for new teachers as well. So specifically, this week and into the future that we support the Black community in every way we can and doing that by purchasing their products and services is a great place to start. Now, I'm going to share a couple of resources that you can look into right now. So of course, this being the Yoga Girl Podcast, I would like to share that on, we have teachers of color who offer amazing classes, and I'm sure you've been there. Maybe you're already practicing on the site. Teachers like Dianne Bondy, like Maite Onochie, we have Rocky Heron. We have amazing teachers on the site who offer beautiful classes. Now, if you're looking for something different, I would love to take a moment right now to highlight two beautiful platforms created by, founded by people of color.

[03:34] The first one is Liberate Meditation. It's a really great meditation app. You can also find it on It's created for and by people of colors, so there are beautiful meditation classes. There are different kinds of teachers, highly recommend it. The other platform that I want to highlight for a moment is the Underbelly, super cool initiative created by the amazing Jessamyn Stanley. I'm sure many of you follow her already. Kick ass classes that will make you feel so centered and grounded in your body. This completely beautifully open space for everyone to join. And some really cool teachers to practice with, of course. So, what an exciting action to have for this day and this weekend, like, Hey, let's seek out some amazing people from the Black community to support. Yoga makes us feel good. So, let's find some teachers from the Black community. They are out there.

[04:27] Now maybe you're already practicing with them today. That's amazing. Continue supporting. And if this is an eyeopener for you, you know, maybe you're not used to taking classes led by Black people, this is a great place to start like, Hey, why haven't I branched out before? Why am I continuously seeking out the white people in my space? And making this decision right now, just to consciously seek out teachers from other cultures from other backgrounds, it's only going to enhance your practice. So thank you so much for taking a moment out of your day to continuing to do the work. We can do the work in every area of our lives. We can do different kinds of work at the same time; this is such a multilayered conversation. And I think doing this within the spiritual practice that you already have around yoga and meditation is such a great place to be. Thank you so much for listening. I hope you have a good weekend. I hope you're taking good care of yourself. I hope you're continuing to learn, and I'll be back on Monday.

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