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Yoga Girl Daily - April 2nd 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Thankful Thursday, Gratitude, Love, Friendship

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About the Episode

Throughout this pandemic, who have you been most grateful for? Is there someone in your life, near or far, that has been so helpful, so supportive, and in general, just great to be around?

The connections we have with others are more important now than ever as we find ourselves in a time of physical isolation.

Today, we are dedicating our gratitude practice to someone who has made all the difference.

Tune in to tap into that gratitude in your heart and then speak it out loud.


[00:04] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily, happy Thursday and welcome to our Thankful Thursday practice of this week. I have a gratitude practice for us in mind today that I think is really important during this challenging time, during this weird time warp. We are all in right now. This very strange, strange, strange year filled with so much struggle for so many of us. Today, I mean, of course we all should be practicing some form of gratitude if we can every day. Not saying that we should pretend to feel grateful when we don't. Absolutely not. We are going to have days when you know, actually it feels like we have nothing to be grateful for. So allow yourself to have those days, too. But when you feel inspired to tap into gratitude, knowing that whenever you actually take the time to do so, it can help you change your vibration and be a little bit more light brought into your day. Today for our practice, I want us to speak some gratitude out loud. It's one of those things that, especially during trying times we could forget to do, or we start to take something or someone that we have in our lives for granted. So, taking a moment right now just to close your eyes wherever you are. Let's take a full breath in through the nose, open the mouth and let it out.

[01:32] Just bringing all of your awareness to the breath, to the body and to your heart. Now, bringing your awareness to a person, a person that you have in your life that you are so grateful for during this trying time. So someone that has been helpful to you, someone that has been a pillar of support for you in your life, someone you can come to to ask for advice or someone whose presence alone has been beautiful for you during this weird, weird, weird time of our lives. And just see who first comes to mind. Maybe it's the person that you're currently in isolation with. Maybe it's someone that you're FaceTiming a couple times a week, or texting with every day, or maybe it's someone whose presence is just felt from a far, yeah, spiritual guide that you have. Someone you are so grateful for, someone who has helped you during this pandemic, during this time of social distancing and isolation.

[02:37] Just take a moment to really feel that person's presence right now. Acknowledge everything their presence brings to your life every day. Perhaps it's things that they quietly do for you every day that you know don't feel like big, big, big things, but as they accumulate, you realize that this may be is the most important person in your life right now. Today I want you to take a moment to speak your gratitude out loud to this person. To speak your gratitude out loud. For me, the person that immediately comes to mind is my husband. I mean, we are of course in this isolation together and I think living in such close quarters, you know, up and close and so intimate and personal all day long without any opportunity for a break or space, I think sometimes or some days I do take for granted the things that he does for me and for our family every day.

[03:34] So today I'm really going to take that moment to speak my gratitude out loud, just to sit down and look him in the eye and say thank you. Thank you for everything you do for me every day for your presence here. I'm so glad I'm not in this alone. So who is that person in your life that you're going to be saying thank you to out loud today? You call them up, I think better than sending a text if they're not present in your physical space right now, actually go through the effort of picking up the phone and FaceTiming them just so you can see their face. You can see their reaction, that smile on their face that's going to shine the moment you say thank you to seek and have that face to face and heart to heart connection for a moment. So, taking a time or the time today to say thank you out loud to that person. Maybe immediately you can think of several people. Yeah. The more gratitude you can pour on to other people today, the better. Hearing that thank you might just turn their whole day around. So one more time, visualizing that person and in your heart, feeling the gratitude you have for them right now. And then take another deep breath into that place.

[04:49] And exhale as you blink your eyes open. Let's do this practice right now. Yeah. So don't put it off, but the moment this podcast is over, picking up the phone or finding that person in your house right now, who you are grateful for. Taking that moment to look them in the eye and say, thank you. Thank you for tuning in and for practicing some gratitude with me today. Yoga Girl Daily will be back tomorrow.

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