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Yoga Girl Daily - February 28th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Self-Love, Feel-Good Friday, Lifestyle

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About the Episode

How well are you sleeping each night?

Today’s self-care practice is crucial when it comes to all the important aspects of life - our wellbeing, our productivity, our peace and our happiness. Sleep is the determining factor through it all!

There is one simple measure you can take to maximize the sleep you are getting every night - we are going to turn our bedrooms into sanctuaries.

Tune in to hear Rachel’s step-by-step guide on creating your dream room. It will leave you feeling at home in your bedroom, and great in every other area of your life.


[00:04] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily and happy Friday! We have made it through this workweek. It's time for our feel-good practice of this week. So, something for self-care that's going to make us feel really good. I have an actionable practice today that maybe is going to sound mundane to some of you. It's going to be like something you've never done for some of you. For me, this is just something that I do every day and every evening. And for today's practice, I want us to take extra time to actually create this space in our lives, in our day. We are going to take our bedroom and turn it into a sanctuary. So today at some point in the evening, before you go to bed, I want you to really, really put some time and thought into what you could change around your bedroom, around your sleeping space to really turn it into this amazing sanctuary for sleep.

[00:56] Whenever we have our bedroom set up for a good night's rest, it's actually going to help us wind down easier and hopefully it will help us to get even better quality of sleep throughout the night. So what I do first step is clean up your bedroom. This is the most important thing. You don't want to have a bedroom that's cluttered and full of messy things, especially if you have like dirty laundry or dishes or something. Clean up your space, make sure it's clean, organized. That it's smells really good - this is an important thing. So either if you have a scented candle, if you have some incense or Palo Santo or something you'd like to work with. I like to diffuse essential oils. I have a little essential oil diffuser and I'll pick an essential oil that fits that time of day, especially in the bedroom. I turn it on around half an hour before I go to bed so that when I enter the bedroom it smells amazing and it's a scent that's going to get me ready for sleep.

[01:46] So cleaning everything up, making sure it's organized, making sure it's smells really, really, really great. Make your bed, okay! It doesn't make any sense to make your bed before you go to bed. So make your bed in the day. You want to enter your bedroom ready to just see this totally beautifully clean space, not messy sheets and things you have to prepare before you go to bed. No, you want to go to bed feeling pure and clean. So make your bed every day. And if your bed is messy all the time, if you don't like your bed, if you don't like that space, what could you change to make it more inviting? So, I love to sleep in really soft, great sheets. I like to have light colors for all of my bedding. Perhaps you can get a bedspread or a cover somehow, like a really beautiful bedspread thrown over your bed just will make your whole bedroom feel totally organized and clean and spacious.

[02:31] And then from there, making sure that the temperature of your room is quite cool. So maybe that means you have to crack open a window a little bit. We live in Aruba. It's crazy hot all the time, so unfortunately, we have to sleep with an AC. And setting that to the right temperature every night is important, or I just don't sleep very well. Secondly, or I guess we're on point number four or five here, you're going make sure that you have a moment to yourself or a space in your bedroom where you can have some sort of practice before you go to bed that will put the date behind you. For me, I have a little corner in my bedroom where I sit on a little cushion, like a little meditation pillow. You can sit on a folded up towel or a blanket or whatever.

[03:16] I light a candle and then I journal on the day. Just a couple of sentences about how I felt throughout this day was something challenging for me. Was it an awesome day? Like a page in my journal about how the day was. It helps me process whatever came my way that day so that when I go to bed, I can do that with just a clear mind. And then thinking about anything else that you could involve into your bedroom to make this into a sanctuary for sleep, I put my favorite crystals on my bedside table. Anything for you that you know makes your bedroom feel sacred, feel good, feel pure, feel clean, so that this weekend you can really prioritize your sleep and feel well rested. Wake up Monday morning, totally energized, ready for a new week. Are you ready? This is not a complicated thing, but a self-care practice for me really is making sure that I feel good in my home, that I can open the door to my bedroom, look at my bedroom, and immediately feel calm and at peace instead of feeling like it's a mess or it's dirty or it's smelly, right?

[04:20] Let's sleep well all through the weekend and do that by making your bedroom into a sanctuary for sleep. This is a fun practice. I love getting my home and my living space organized. I love cleaning things up. I love beautifying spaces. I'm a Libra. So I think wanting harmony in my home is a really big thing for me, but I really think it can improve just that small, tiny thing we can spend half an hour doing and it's going to make our weekend feel really good and hopefully we'll be well rested. So thanks for joining me for what I think is a really fun practice. I wish you a wonderful weekend ahead and Yoga Girl Daily will be back on Monday.

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