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Yoga Girl Daily - September 4th 2020

Author: Rachel Brathen

Topics: Feel-Good Friday, Healing, Self-Love

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About the Episode

We are going through a lot and feeling a lot - but we often don’t have the space to show it.

Are you holding onto bottled up emotions? Today’s episode will give you full permission to feel your feelings!

Rachel shares a great exercise that will help you bring everything to surface (it involves shedding some tears!).

Tune in to get vulnerable with yourself.


[00:04] Welcome to Yoga Girl Daily, happy Friday everyone, and welcome to our Feel-Good episode of this week. I really sincerely hope you've had a good week, and if you haven't, I hope you felt all the feelings you could feel along the way. Today I have a feel-good practice, a self-care practice, that I don't know if you're going to like it or hate it, but I really hope you'll actually anchor into the importance of this practice and do it anyway. Today I want you to give yourself the space and the permission to have a really good cry. I mean it, a really good cry. Have you ever actually scheduled time in your day to feel your feelings? To sit down and just let everything out? Because if you haven't, you're going to be surprised at how well this actually works. For many of us, we think that, you know, big emotions and releasing emotions and crying and things like that are things that just kind of happens and it's out of our control.

[01:04] Where the truth is, most of us, we tend to hold onto a lot of pent up emotion. Especially if you've had a long week, long month, long year (Hey, 2020, I'm talking to you!). Chances are that the moment you actually give yourself permission and set the intention to let your feelings out, to sit down and have a good cry, is that you're actually going to start crying. There are heavy things that you've been carrying around with you over the past couple of weeks. I know you're feeling a lot. I know you're going through a lot. And most of us, we don't have that day to day space to actually let our emotions out. So, speaking to you as someone who just had a really good cry. You know, that feeling after you've had a good cry, it's amazing. You know, it's that feeling of calm.

[01:54] You're a little bit tired from feeling all those feelings, but that feeling of freedom, of having actually released something that was built up inside. So, grab a box of tissues, choose a quiet space inside of your house. You know, if you need to ask your family to go for a little walk, just give yourself space, make sure you have privacy, take a moment to sit down and then anchor into the body, place your hands to your heart and just feel what's really present. And if you can't access that place of actually crying inside of yourself, use music to get there, right? Play that really, really, really sad song that gets you every time, that song that's been tugging on your heartstrings lately, or if you can't get there through music then watch that movie that helps you kind of open up the flood gates. Anything that gets you into that vulnerable place, where you can actually shed some real and true and honest tears.

[02:48] It doesn't matter what exactly triggers it. The point is just getting it out, getting some of that weight off your chest, right? And something I like to do when I'm in that space of just beginning to cry is actually exaggerate a little bit. And it can be a little bit funny in the moment actually. But if I've sensed myself just feeling sad about something, and I know, Oh man, I could really use a good cry. I go into it with all of my might, right? I bring my awareness and my thoughts to other things that maybe aren't even connected to the reason that I'm crying that day, just to really get into that space of having a great cry. So, I can get to a little bit of a deeper place than I would have if it was just that day's thing. So, let's have a cry fest.

[03:30] And this is funny that I'm using this for our Feel-Good Friday episode. So, it feels good to cry. It feels good after we cry, it feels good to let our feelings out. And it feels really good to actually give ourselves permission to feel whatever is lingering. But of course, if you sit down to have your moment and something else comes out, right, maybe you're feeling some frustration or some fear or some anxiety, tune into whatever is true and real for you in that moment. But I'm wishing you a day of expressing a bit of sadness today, putting some weight down and getting to that beautiful, vulnerable space inside of your heart, where you can just feel your feelings freely. So, I hope you have a good rest of the day. I hope you cry a lot today. It’s a weird thing to wish for someone, but I really do. I hope you get a moment to yourself to just let it all out. It feels good and you need it. Thank you guys so much for tuning in and I hope you have a good weekend. I hope you feel all your feelings. Yoga Girl Daily will be back on Monday.

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